Just In Case You Received This SPAM Email Too ..

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Oh. This SPAM email message is now arriving back into my IN-Box

(blah,blah,blah – here’s what was at the end of that email message)

SPAM: ———————— Spamnix Spam Report ————————-
SPAM: Spamnix identified this message as spam. This report shows which
SPAM: rules matched the message and how many points each rule contributed.
SPAM: Content analysis details: (16.9 hits, 5.0 required)
SPAM: 1.5 EARN_MONEY BODY: Message talks about earning money
SPAM: 1.0 NO_QS_ASKED BODY: Doesn’t ask any questions
SPAM: 0.3 RISK_FREE BODY: Risk free. Suuurreeee….
SPAM: 0.5 COMPLETELY_FREE BODY: No such thing as a free lunch (2)
SPAM: 0.3 HTML_WEB_BUGS BODY: Image tag intended to identify you
SPAM: 0.9 HTML_30_40 BODY: Message is 30% to 40% HTML
SPAM: 5.4 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayesian spam probability is 99 to 100%
SPAM: [score: 100.0%; H*r:sk:ex06.bl:99]
SPAM: [N:H*r:sk:exNN.bl:99 HX-Persona:PetLvr.com:99]
SPAM: [HX-yoursite-MailScanner-Information:Please:99]
SPAM: [HX-yoursite-MailScanner-Information:contact:99]
SPAM: [HX-yoursite-MailScanner:Found:99]
SPAM: [HX-yoursite-MailScanner-Information:ISP:99]
SPAM: [HX-yoursite-MailScanner:clean:99 2006:99]
SPAM: [stars:99 Letter:99 Act:99 Boca:99 thousands:99]
SPAM: [commonly:99 countries:99 billion:99 Week:99]
SPAM: [drew:99 highest:99 publications:99 N:$NN.N:99]
SPAM: [assets:99 Less:99 chief:99 strategy:99]
SPAM: [signing:99 Americans:99 industries:99 payout:99]
SPAM: [N:H*r:sk:NNNNNN.:99 t.asp:99 well-known:99]
SPAM: [Streets:99 N:eqNNNNN:99 eq33795:99 7133795:99]
SPAM: [H*m:sk:mImrtGp:99 sk:mImrtGp:99 H*c:boundary:99]
SPAM: [ultimate:99 penny:99 mutual:99 lq-2.gif:99]
SPAM: [ulist:99 N:lq-N.gif:99 district:99 subscribed:99]
SPAM: [tremendous:99 weekly:99 UD:This:99 secrets:99]
SPAM: [vast:99 vital:99 strongest:99 N:H*p:U*NNNNNN.NNNNNNN:99 N:HX-MailScanner-From:sk:NNNNNN.:99 named:99 November:99 H*c:sk:mImrtGp:99 researched:99 unlike:99 in-depth:99 Chicago:99 Baltimore:99 Journal:99 demands:99 streams:99 top.gif:99 risen:99 managing:99 analyst:99 lucrative:99 enormous:99 introductory:99 Times:99 rally:99 Imagine:99 commentary:99 Law:99 analysts:99 H*r:sk:hart@ha:99 terrific:99 unsatisfied:99 managers:99 appreciation:99 Burns:99 advisors:99 arena:99 enrolled:99 turning:99 Steve:99 wins:99 happily:99 biotech:99 crucial:99 biotechnology:99 consistently:99 Watts:99 devoted:99 editors:99 bg.gif:99 Petroleum:99 chemicals:99 promptly:99 623:99 exotic:99 heavily:99 collecting:99 Managing:99 charles:99 gaining:99 Getting:99 Stars:99 Camino:99 Raton:99 bottom.gif:99 Analyst:99 carefree:99 wealthy:99 Thing:99 August:99 Charles:99 payouts:99 compliments:99 focuses:99 premise:99 Encinitas:99 92024:99 lure:99 eke:99 treasury:99 commodities:99 HX-Complaints-To:sk:complai:99 legislation:99 sums:99 they’d:99 Fund:99 silly:99 Ensure:99 headquartered:99 quiet:99 202:99 yields:99 Dave:99 CEOs:99 echoes:99 H*R:D*com:99 4.5:99 houses:99 tie:99]
SPAM: 0.2 HTML_TAG_BALANCE_TABLE BODY: HTML is missing “table” close tags
SPAM: 0.3 HTML_FONTCOLOR_UNKNOWN BODY: HTML font color is unknown to us
SPAM: 1.0 HTML_LINK_PUSH_HERE BODY: HTML link text says “push here” or similar
SPAM: 0.1 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message
SPAM: 0.3 HTML_FONT_BIG BODY: HTML has a big font
SPAM: 0.1 HTML_LINK_CLICK_HERE BODY: HTML link text says “click here”
SPAM: 0.0 CLICK_BELOW Asks you to click below
SPAM: Spam level: ****************
SPAM: ——————— End of Spamnix Spam Report ———————

If you get their email and / or end up being forwarded to their site .. here ..

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Just like usual .. you get what you paid for … $99 subscription to a newsletter


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