June 23, 2006 … Free At Last!

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Today, June 23, 2006 is like a holiday for me … Based on my 2005 combined family income .. today marks the first day that my wife and I have worked and our earnings will go into our own pocket. You see, every penny we’ve earned up to this point … will have gone to the Canadian Government in the form of income taxes.

Calculate YOUR Personal Tax Freedom Day, at The Fraser Institute, to determine the day you stopped working for the government and started working for yourself.


Starbucker says:

Hooray for you Hart! I too am inclined to track this kind of thing (I started my career as a CPA, so it’s in the blood). I only wish this day would come in say, February instead of June. I guess I can dream…….

HART says:

G’morning Starbucker! Nice to see you here 🙂

Is this a type of thing that only accountants and CPA’s can appreciate? I do know that my wife just shook her head when I told her yesterday that she was finally working for “US” instead of “THEM” and her reply was something like …
So? Are you taking out the garbage and Recycle-ables now?
(translation: I couldn’t care less)

Starbucker says:

My wife would have the same reaction (especially the garbage part)! All the best.

Wow. June seems awfully late for switching to “for us” instead of “for them.” We remember that well, though, since we’re Canadian, too.

But now (with the exception of a few months we spent up in Winnipeg), we’ve been living in Austin since 2000.

Have you ever thought about moving south, too? To twist your arm…Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. Sweet.

But on the other hand, it’s not Canada — I do get homesick sometimes.

Anyway, you’ve got a great blog and I’ll visit it again.


HART says:

Ah .. Texas .. the Alberta of the USA 😀

Thanks for visiting Cuileann. My parents used to have a trailer in Hemet, California, visiting as snowbirds up to 6 months every year. The community was as big as a West Kildonan (if that means anything). We drove down there in Dec00/Jan01 with our dog Maxxie. My parents have since sold the place .. insurance related issues .. too costly.

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