Journey To The Center Of Hawkthorne V0.0.33 Community – “Digital Estate Planning” Gameplay

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Fans of NBCs “Community” have made an 8-bit game based on the “Digital Estate Planning” episode from Season 3 (first aired, May 17th, 2012 on NBC). The game …


hvatrordu1 says:

you mean you love the community?

pugdidy says:

This looks awesome. Is a version of this available to play yet?

Mitch Peters says:

ok, the poster of jeff was hilarious!

Mcheetah says:

Hilda’s dialogues’ explanations:

Super Mario Bros methods to skip levels from all the NES games.
Things you can ride in Super Mario Bros 2.
All your animal buddies in Donkey Kong Country.
Weapon Power-Ups from Mega Man 2.
Battletoads characters.
Myst time periods.
Pokemon Red & Blue: method to encounter Missingno.

bunnydog21 says:

can the hippies say: “sex, drugs” yet??? if so im getting it, and y wasnt the blacksmith ther, did u kill him or somethin??? and if so, did u get free wepons???

Southparkisfun says:

How can you talk to hilda? When i talk to her only these things pop up: i will wear ur skin, i am done with you, stand aside, and madam i on a quest… Also i can only make trowing knifes, and my character doesn’t level up…

JLDriehaus says:

this is awesome because this is my favorite episode of community and now its a real game

uzweirdun says:

you can pick up rocks..

Antichrist2000 says:

….I love the Community fan base.

notlekrut says:

This game is gonna be great once it has those inventories and plays like an rpg just like in the episode. Using swords, bow, magic, making potions.

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