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I have been using Eudora 5.1 (free version) for the longest time. The copyright is 1991-2002 years. Before that, I was using Eudora 3.1 (free version) for the longest time before that!

This week, I upgraded to Eudora 7.1 (Free Version) … it’s slightly better than version 5.1 but, nothing new that makes me have to read any “README” files! I did have a paid “Spamnix” add-on to version 5.1 and now it’s been automatically converted to “JUNK” folder, instead of Spamnix Folder. I don’t mind!

BEFORE: I used to transfer my spam and junk and stuff that my Spamnix and filters did NOT catch to my TRASH .. periodically, when I empty my Spamnix and transfer everything into my trash, I used to just run the Spamnix LEARN feature .. I tell the software that everything in my TRASH is TRASH and it helps catch most future TRASH!

NOW: With version 7.1, all I have to do is right-click on a spam or trashy email and select JUNK. Then, it transfers it automatically to the JUNK folder, and spends 5-30 seconds learning about this new TRASH. It tries to rate all the JUNK as a percentage, and naturally all the ones that you tell it IS INDEED JUNK .. it will mark it as 100%. And, if some trash junk email gets caught in the JUNK folder, but you don’t want it to be called JUNK …. e.g. newsletters … you can just right-click and select NOT-JUNK. It moves it back to the IN box.

Would I recommend you to use Eudora 7.1?

HELL YA! Especially if you are using Outlook or Outlook Express, and I don’t care what argument you might give me regarding the Address book features (unless you are using GROUPS in your outlook, then be careful if trying to import – or start fresh!) It’s my Email Client of choice.

Would I recommend that you use the PAID mode and get the extra features?

Well, I’m not going to recommend that you DON’T get it .. *nudge, nudge say no more.. but I wouldn’t bother. The free version // or rather .. the “SPONSORED VERSION” // is very unobtrusively sponsored and chances are you don’t need the extra features that a sponsorship-free version will bring to you.

Check out the dowload page and make up your own mind. Don’t bother telling anybody that HART sent ya .. because, honestly – I don’t think anybody is listening or really cares that much ..

Eudora – Get the Latest Version 7.0.1 here!


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