It’s Time To Clean Up My Computer .. So I Did That Today.

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BTW … I Own My Main Desktop Computer Now

I have a Dell 8200 Dimension computer I purchased from Dell Canada, financed, in October 2002. My last payment was this month on the loan. I financed this computer for several reasons .. being that I couldn’t afford a really great computer at the time .. and I wanted to pay for it over the life of the computer. I got everything that I could (and better!) at that time .. and that includes a super fast everything and super more everything else. With taxes, it was over $5k at the time (mostly from the extras and memory upgrades)

I’ve been looking at laptops as my next computer purchase .. trying to figure out what I really want – and what I really need.

MEANWHILE …. This computer is overworked and underpaid .. just like me! 😀 For 120 GIG hard drive, I only have about 9 GIG’s free.

Almost all of my free space is used up for virtual memory and caching .. and besides the trash and spam emails .. I’ve practically kept every email ever received and sent on my computer.. At least 500,000 of them .. archived, etc. I use the free EUDORA LITE as my email client of choice, and I have a paid SPAMNIX add-on that works great for me. However, between all my spamnix and server spam controls and my own filters .. I try not to delete my trash folder until I go through it completely. At this very moment .. my trash folder takes up 150 MB of space on my computer and contains about 21,000 trashed emails. Sorted by date .. that’s between February 20, 2006 and today – since I’ve last cleaned up my email. According to my properties, theres over 13,000 individual files in my folder, mostly because I have Fax-To-Email and archive all the .TIFF’s that I receive for my business.

I like to go through my trash and clean it up, but first I have to ‘train’ my spamnix before I do. Right now – it’s taking too long to learn. In fact, because of my lack of space .. and not to mention the other things (all the stuff that I install and click on regularly) .. I have a lot of crap in memory that I just have to clean up!

Ever Click Tabs Waiting For The Screen To Move?

Geesh – today my computer basically froze up on me. Although, it didn’t actually freeze – it was running very very slow. I was also doing a spyware scan, I loaded up my emails, I had about 6 different IE windows open with about 3-4 tabs in each, plus my excel going .. Not to mention that I was using my favorite DOS accounting program, which slows everything up! Did I mention I was also emailing somebody?

Well – I felt like an idiot – listening to internet radio going gurgling from unable to process .. ME clicking like a madman on the tabs trying to see if something is happening in another tab – when obviously after I clicked the tab and nothing happened I just was making things worse … Am I connected to the internet? Am I frozen? Did a window or program crash? All I know is that I seemed to have been at my computer doing nothing for about 30 minutes waiting for something to happen. That’s not too productive for me. It’s frustrating! Grrrr!


So .. first thing was first. I have another computer, the Compaq with a 200 GIG hard drive and started to toss a whole bunch of stuff over there – mostly my “INSTALL PROGRAMS” directory folder which had just over 4 GIG of data ..

.. And then tossed over my “MEDIA” directory folder containing videos, powerpoint, memorabilia pictures, etc etc .. and has almost 9 GIG of data …

.. And then I tossed over my “MUSIC” directory Folder containing over 17 GIG of music files and over 3800 files (Although – I might bring this back over because all my playlists are loading up with error messages in my MusicMatch) ..

And then I went into my MsConfig program

WARNING: Do not attempt this without understanding what the implications are for doing this – and take it from me – I’m an idiot and non-techie and not really sure myself if I should be doing this anyway!

… But I do it anyway regardless! I go to START / RUN and type in MSCONFIG

… And then I go to STARTUP .. and start unticking a WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF that probably shouldn’t be there – included stuff like DAD corel draw MSOffice Musicmatch and old programs I don’t use anymore that seems to be loading up at startup…

Naturally I have to reboot, and My Zone Alarm kicks in like crazy … By the way – I do NOT click the boxes to automatically remember those actions in Zone Alarm .. but when the computer rebooted I clicked the box to NOT remind me that I circumvented the system and did my own thing in the MSCONFIG area.

I can’t believe how fast my computer is now

And I haven’t even deleted my Trash box and cleaned up my Eudora yet!

And it will probably be better after a clean virus scan and spyware scan!

Hmm .. should I do a “Disk Defragmenter”? I haven’t done that in a while!

And then – I think I will vaccuum all the dust inside on my fans and motherboard and give my computer a good cool-down this weekend! It deserves a rest and well .. although the warranty was over long ago from my even BETTER upgrades over time … now that it’s paid off – I’m just waiting for something dreadful to happen – doesn’t that always happen that way?

Well, I hope not – But I have to keep this one fine tuned and a work horse at least until after next Tax Season or, summer 2007. Then HART will be happy.


Now I don’t feel so stupid for financing my new laptop from Dell! The interest rate on it is ridiculous… But like yourself, I wanted the latest and greatest and wanted to pay for it over its useful life.

HART says:

The latest and greatest, eh? What did you end up getting? I am almost ready to put in my other laptop order and finance for another few years myself! Mostly I’ve been debating to whether going with something like the DELL XPS M2010 Laptop which could easily reach about $5,000 with taxes or the simple one that just loads up the internet and my accounting and tax software.

ps.. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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