It’s Grey Cup 2006 Sunday – Here In Winnipeg!

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UPDATE: Congratulations to B.C. Lions with their 25-14 victory over Montreal .. and I hope that guy that fell off the railing is okay!

Yes .. I’ll be watching … but who do I want to win?

In REALITY .. Winnipeg is part of Western Canada ..
In CFL Football .. Winnipeg is part of the Eastern Division

Honestly .. Since Winnipeg is NOT in the Grey Cup .. I really have no care to who wins or loses ..

So .. who do I think will win?

Oh! That’s easy! The team that my older brother DID NOT pick .. at least .. that’s who I will be rooting for – just to bug him 😀

BTW .. Here were the final 2006 statistics

* Kickoff starts at 5:00 pm CST today.


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