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Another Telephone Service Rant and Rave ….

As I wrote previously .. when my Telus cell phone service came due, I opted to consolidate my second cell phone account with my main telephone company – Manitoba Telephone System (M.T.S.) so .. Goodbye Telus Mobility and Hello MTS Mobility. The second cell phone account now costs me $10.00 on the ‘buddy’ system plus taxes. Before, with taxes, each of my two cell phones services (for myself and my wife) cost about $45.00 each. My Telus phone actually cost $50.00 with the Call display and extended voice mail options, but it was offset with a discount my wife received on her cell phone account because of ‘bundling’ deal I did with Home phone, cell phone and internet DSL accounts. (it was $40.00 plus taxes)

>> So: I am saving $35.00 plus taxes per month on Cell Phone Costs …

Well, about two weeks ago our telephone company was doing a survey and was wondering what it would take for me to switch from our SHAW CABLE T.V. to M.T.S. digital T.V. .. I took them up on their offer.

I was basically getting everything from the cable company and our monthly bill was $75.00 plus taxes. There are a few channels we didn’t get and I personally would have liked to have, but it was brought to my attention (by my wife) that I didn’t really want those channels anyway 😀 … Of course, pay per view movies were extra. We had bought our digital equipment decoder box about a year ago, and I remember saying that instead of renting it every month … August 2006 we would be even! September 2006 we would be ahead! For our cable company service, we got to hook up our digital cable decoder box to our main T.V. only. All other T.V. had the cable channels, but not the high cable or digital cable channels.

This is what I have now with M.T.S. digital T.V. …

* Free installation
* More stations including those that I never received including many that we didn’t get with cable T.V.
* Four TV’s in our house all have digital cable including the movies!
* They upped my residential DSL 3MB connection speeds to run through my TV to super fast business speeds 5MB? 10MB? So they say…
* $25.00 plus taxes per month for the first 4 months, and $45.00 after that… for all the channels plus $15.00 for Movie bundle…
* $15.00 discount for bundling cell phones, home phones, and DSL and digital TV – which offsets Movie costs.

>> So: I am saving $30.00 plus taxes per month on Cable TV Costs … (Not to mention the $20 per month discount for the next four months)

So we will be saving $70.00 per month plus taxes = $79.80 .. by consolidating our phone and cable needs with one provider, our telephone company.

So I was thinking it’s just like that commercial … that despite it all .. I feel that I … … Just saved money on my auto insurance!


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