It Could Be You! Underground Economy Contest 2010

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Learn More About The Canada Revenue Agency and The Underground Economy Narration: Steven (Shaggy) Shanahan Still Compositor: Tervor Kai Writer: Shaun Axani E…


Zachary Young says:

Interesting – the Canadian Revenue Agency is censoring what responses will be heard here.

MrDwingel says:

Do my tax dollars pay for CRA employees to maintain a Youtube site?!?! Sweet job.

Topazman12 says:

Great video. The big 3 gets bailout money. Politicians stuffing their friends’ pocket with money such as E Health scandal. Asking for 25% raises. Working only 8 years to get a Pension. Hiring people who made huge donations to parties. Getting meals all paid for like going to 5 star restaurant, having parties costing $100/ plate. This Government is an UNDERGROUND economy. Corruption.

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