IRS Violating Rights

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The Internal Revenue Service unlawfully seizes a hard-working native american family’s vehicle. The IRS thrives on intimidation to enforce its code that is unconstitutional (Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution).


RetSquid says:

They made the video and whined a lot.

trentjharris says:

ok so they took it…what is the value of this video? what did these victims do about it???

puncho33 says:

thats what you get when you ignore irs notices….

aadrianlee says:

More moron IRS agents braking the law

RetSquid says:

“Fourth Amendment case law states that a warrant is not required for the seizure of property in satisfaction of a tax claim by the Internal Revenue Service.”

Nelson v. Silverman, 888 F.Supp. 1041, 1046 (S.D.Cal. 1995).

Gary Abbott says:

IRS does not have jurisdiction to take property or be on your property that is why they must have the police present!

samuski36 says:

I think you nailed it!

RetSquid says:

Again, it’s a scam, you can’t answer the questions given. Here is ‘the law’: Title 26 Section 1, imposes the tax Section 61 defines Gross income Section 63 defines Taxable income. Section 6012 requires you to file a tax return if you have income of more than the exemption amount, and Section 6151 requires you to pay the tax at the time and place fixed for the filing of your return.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution applies, go read it.

thallium200 says:

The $50,000 reward is still available for anyone who can find the law stating people have to pay federal income tax. No IRS Agent, lawyer or CPA can find it. Sounds like an easy 50k to me. The experts cant find it now you have in the constitution? Not likely. I can’t find it and I have a copy of the entire constitution. So go claim your prize then.

RetSquid says:

You don’t have a right to not pay taxes, the Constitution says taxes are legal…have you read it?

watchinprayer says:

Since when is a man who stands up for his rights under the Constitution a lying, cheating, deceiver? You are aiding and giving comfort to swindlers and enemies of the people. Enjoy the rope!

RetSquid says:

“then i grab a bat and get to swingin!”

Lowering the value of the car and making it so they have to seize more of your stuff to pay off your back taxes. Yeah, that sounds SOOO smart.

RetSquid says:

Oh, I get it.  You are calling the lying, cheating, deceiving tax cheats in the video ‘traitors’…by your definition that is what they are.

watchinprayer says:

Lying to, cheating, and deceiving the people is an act of war against the people. Wake up! If you support them you are aiding them and giving them comfort and you are also a traitor. The people of this country are being PLUNDERED by their own government which is controlled by greedy business men and elitists. That is a fact. Again, wake up please!

mrtimjitsu says:

oh your taking my car? wait a sec i just want to do some last minute body work to it. then i grab a bat and get to swingin! okay now you can take it. BITCH!

RetSquid says:

Again, enforcing the laws of the country cannot, by definition, be treason. Income taxes have always been Constitutional.

Article III, Section 3 “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

watchinprayer says:

No, you commit treason by lying to, cheating, and deceiving the people. You commit treason by covering up the crimes of government leaders. In short, you commit treason by rejecting the Constitution and the principles upon which this country was founded. These have been rejected for decades now, including the unlawful strong-arm enforcement of income tax laws, which are unconstitutional.

RetSquid says:

You don’t commit Treason by enforcing the laws of the country.

Bartholomew Badrotten says:

FUCK the IRS.  Fucking pieces of shit.

watchinprayer says:

Fired? Legally, they should be tried, found guilty, and hung for treason. Yet, they will probably come hunt me down and do the same to me for simply speaking the truth.

RetSquid says:

Here is ‘the law’:
Title 26 Section 1, imposes the tax
Section 61 defines Gross income
Section 63 defines Taxable income
Section 6012 requires you to file a tax return if you have income of more than the exemption amount, and
Section 6151 requires you to pay the tax at the time and place fixed for the filing of your return.

EBThosgottago says:

I know a lot of ppl say it isn’t manditory, and honestly I don’t know where it is written. I DO know, that if you don’t pay ur taxes, they will come and take ur shit. I am sure when they do this, they will be glad to give you a copy of the law where you must pay taxes. I know our goverment is in shambles right now, and I think all of em need to get fired. Both Democrat and Republican. Fire them all and start fresh. I was just wondering why they took the car?

RetSquid says: is a real low budget conspiracy website.

meonetallguy says:

Careful Aaron - I share your frustration but when you start shooting these fucks they will come down HARD on you and use you as an example to keep all the sheople in line. Just keep educating yourself. Peace.

RetSquid says:

Incorrect, the IRS is part of the U.S. Treasury, neither it, nor the Fed, nor the IMF are based in P.R.. Title 26, Section 1 makes you liable for income taxes.

meonetallguy says:

EB in a situation like that the IRS will give the car owner time to pay the back taxes owed, if not paid the IRS will bring the car to auction. EB can you show me the law that makes you or I liable for the income tax?

meonetallguy says:

The IRS is a private collection agency for the Federal Reserve Banks/IMF and is based in Puerto Rico…do your home work. While you’re at it show me the law that makes me or you liable for the income tax! The IRS is just the tip of the iceberg of fraud perpetrated upon America. Go to “” and see all the secret accounts that your state, cities, towns, school districts have containing billions of dollars…double book keeping…the books they don’t want you to see. Wake up people!!!

meonetallguy says:

How embarrassing! IRS agents are a bunch of mind controlled, brain washed automatons! Throw in the local dumb fuck cops and you have straight out TYRANNY!!! Can anyone please show the law that makes an American living and working in America liable for an income tax? Anyone?

realhiphop087 says:

Wtf the Irs looked like a bunch of retards.

RetSquid says:

Godwin’s Law.

markv65 says:

They look like potbellied pedophiles! and the fucking dickhead cops go along with this shit! They dont understand the govt. will get rid of them too when they are done with the rest of us!

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