IRS Tax Scammers Vs. CRA Tax Scammers Mass Confusion – The Hoax Hotel

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What’s better than wasting scammers’ time? Letting scammers waste scammers’ time. So, I called up a bunch of IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax scammers and let them confuse eachother. Enjoy! Follow me: twitter ▶
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The scam: An agent claiming to be from the CRA or IRS will call and threaten you with jail or court charges for unpaid taxes. The scammer will attempt to get you to send money immediately through wire transfer or a prepaid card to clear the charges. Absolute scam, neither the CRA nor the operate this way. If you encounter this type of call, troll them mercilessly, then report the number.

More about the scam here:

More information on protecting yourself here:

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This is the fake Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scam!


godzillat6 says:

I can't stop laughing!

Shelly Sisneroz says:

love your channel can you tell me how to find numbers to prank..I have called a lot of them and their no good. I want to torture these bastards.

Kevin McCarthy says:

link the scammer IRS to the actual IRS that would be funny

Wise Derp says:

Are you from fucking indian?

Ares Brooks says:

Mr. Hoax, I have to ask. How do you keep from not bursting out laughing and ruining the ruse? Especially when you pull things like this? I'd be laughing too hard and give myself away.

Hoh Hoho says:

PUPPY SCAMMERS and with some other animal scammers :D?

narbardarse says:

i fucking love you

Terrific Horror says:

Hahahaha we need more cross fuckery like this. Just call one of these assholes, piss them off, and connect the other bhenchod in hopes that they can cuss each other out on the line.

Hammer_Time_ 99 says:

I couldn't stop laughing this was funny

donrosario3 says:

Oh my god I love the format of this video it had me dying the whole time. I would love to see the spanish energy company scammers get messed with some more, those ones were hilarious. Or just more Indians v Thai people.

Schlomo Hinsch says:

Haha, great Idea dude!

Leah Conder says:


Riley Luper says:

Yes more!!

whatadollslife says:

have the gift card scammer talk to the craigslist money flipper dude

Vertex Arcade says:

that was the Mortal Kombat of scammers lol

MrZachz55 says:

American Money Flippers vs African Dog Salesmen

Dan Sakalas says:

Have you payed your demurrage yet? It's still waiting to be paid.

Martin Ceron says:

Money flipper vs money flipper. Lets get this money ma boy :o

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