IRS Targets The Tea Party

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“As more revelations surface about how the Internal Revenue Service singled out conservative political groups for special scrutiny when they petitioned for t…


RHVids100 says:

no, this looks about on par with nixon AT LEAST. Combine all the 5 scandals and you get a result of something worse than watergate. yup, but I still hate nixon

Birdy Cephon says:

Ugh, I find listening to you very difficult.

Highlandenterprises says:

This is the same irs agency that will be in charge of obamacare, this is why our founding fathers created the Constitution in the first place to protect us against all forms of tyranny, like this.

Parralyzed says:

lol retard

EloquentTroll says:

No I am saying that after bush’s abuses of power I am no longer shocked by normal corruption, as in this is just par for the corruption course at this point. It’s terrible either way, I just expect it to be terrible. I also find the idea of obama not knowing about this to be plausible, it is perfectly plausible that IRS agents independently took it upon themselves to do this. I would be sorely tempted to take a closer look at the bigoted corporate tools in the teaparty were I an IRS agent.

usam1981 says:

Stop mistaking us for Occupy wall street and your ilk.

usam1981 says:

And argement fail on your part, pulling the Race Card, you lost. The only Low life I see is you.

MyMrlegit says:

Obama knew and did nothing…..Impeach Obama

grkpektis says:

WTF is a cunnilingualphile and you think I am a racist because I hate Obama what are you a fucking retard you’re the one that wants the IRS to discriminate so your ok with discrimination as long as it’s to people you don’t like. Don’t get me wrong I I don’t like the tea party either but I don’t pick and choose what is right or wrong you fucking pathetic hypocrite

Jim Beattie says:

In that case, you deserve to be called a dickhead and a cunnilingualphile. You actually think a president has time to see what a bunch of IRS bozos are doing? Face it, you’re a lowlife racist

Jim Beattie says:

There was only ONE teaparty, and you ain’t it, jackass

grkpektis says:

I hate Obama but I never thought he would actually go this far, this is the first time I think he does deserve to called a dictator and communist.

Jim Beattie says:

Although I loath the IRS for many reasons, because I despise the teaparty turds even more, I support further targeting of them by any government agencies. They (teaparty) are nothing more than disgruntled white trailerpark trash with no agenda whatsoever.

Libertytreetv .com says:

WAKE UP TEA PARTY learn what the IRS hopes you never learn about the constitution and the excise tax aka “income tax” watch?v=zCBYKLkT1oE

mueygringo says:

TYT pull your heads out of Obama’s Ass. Lefties are so inept and obtuse. MORONS!!!!

cain2101 says:

the problem here is not that the tea parties were targetted, its that the others weren’t.

hofifut says:

1:43 “That whole thing was irritating” (Referencing Obama)
1:58 “I like him, but sometimes it’s hard to listen to him” (Referring to Reid)

Hey, Ben, take a look in the mirror. You’re no articulate wonder boy yourself.

ferguspork says:

Actually I am proudly Canadian thanks. I must admit that in a similar situation in Canada the CRA would audit 50% of all political non-profits and recalculate the overall audit rate just to be polite.


Young people do not realize ‘they have’ turned the u.s. into a socialist COLLECTIVIST society through CENTRALIZED government using LAWS, REGULATIONS, PERMITS which are contrary to the reason the united states was formed; FOR the INDIVIDUAL to reach THE HIGHEST COMMON DENOMINATOR, in other words the INDIVIDUAL to make the most amount of money POSSIBLE. socialist countries canada, england, and other western socialist collectivist communist countries teach young people making money is BAD

shazil888 says:

Was he kidding when he said, “I don’t like that guy”…

RedXlV says:

And? The IRS does not have to ask Treasury for permission on everything it does.

1dash800dashRonPaul says:

Are you insane? The IRS reports the to Treasury, which then reports to the President. Congress can also oversee the actions done by any bureaucracy unless withheld by the white house.

TheYoungTurdz says:

No this is not a pleasant story in any form, and it is a non partisan issue that should frighten all Americans. The details that are coming out daily, are astounding. Now the IRS is claiming the fifth, after declaring innocence. Obama should take action and fire…… however, he won’t as they will then talk!!!

He doesn’t want them to talk!


Well then tell your peers to stop referring to me as a fucking liberal. I have no political alignment. Maybe then I’ll lighten up on calling you Tea Baggers.

Frederick Bastiat says:

“Live in a textbook.” I don’t normally read textbooks. I read economists though.

I suggest you do the same. You might be able to interpret the world around you a little better.

Frederick Bastiat says:

“Average CEO in 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.” Yes, there wages have gone up much faster than the average worker’s wages.

I think that is due to the monetary system (fiat paper currency, rigged interest rates by Federal Reserve). It has financialized much of Wall Street. Instead of the incentives being on long-term profitability they are on short-term stock prices. That is a result of cheap currency/artificially low interest rates by the Fed.

Frederick Bastiat says:

“Wages only go up when politicians enact legislation bigger piece of the pie.” Exactly how would supply increase under that circumstance?

Imagine a barter economy with no money. You and I take our goods to market every month. How are we to get more stuff to trade for without greater supply? We must increase our productivity/production in order to get more purchasing power (higher wage). The same is true of a large economy with a medium of exchane in use.

usam1981 says:

Not as much as you suck for calling us Tea Baggers.

Umberto2 says:

No, wages only go up when corporations pay for the politicians to enact legislation that makes sure the execs get a bigger piece of the pie. Do you know what average CEO pay was in the 50s,60s, and 70s? Not much, not much at all. Do you live in a textbook? I live in the real world. By they way, you should get out of that textbook, get some hobbies, find a wife, maybe have some kids and the eff of YouTube bro. You have like 50million comments on here.

Umberto2 says:

You’re being obtuse. Of course we all want jobs. I’m talking about Corporatism. Look it up. You think Exxon/Mobil and Monsanto are good corporate citizens? What about the fact that wages for 98% of us haven’t gone up in 30 years while the top execs and other wealthy have seen their incomes skyrocket? Is this fair to you? I’m not defending “big government,” especially vs. big corporations. I’m saying corporations are not people and money is not free speech. They own our government.

Umberto2 says:

Well, it’s working out as well as it should work out. It’s lowering long-term costs, allowing those with pre-existing conditions to get coverage, allowing unemployed 20somethings to get covered, allowing little kids to get covered. A lot of good thing are happening with it. It’s not the ideal plan, which would be single-payer – not free, but taxpayer subsidized (we al pay in). Obamacare is actually Nixon’s original idea of health care reform and was touted by Republicans for years. Get a clue

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