IRS Scam Prank Call – EXPOSED!

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IRS Scam Prank Call – EXPOSED!

We expose these IRS Scammers by prank calling them!

There is a scam running rampant lately, where someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service calls and says that you are being sued by the government.

Unfortunately, many are falling prey to this scam.

I called this “IRS Representative” to see what was what, and you can hear the results here.

Enjoy, and, DON’T fall for this scam.

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Tony Du says:

You're GOOD! ???

John Dahlman says:

This scammer didn't do his homework.

Shining Melody says:

What a scam.. Clafonia Phichks is a scam as well Ii'm guessing he's pretending not to understand you and making you not understanding. Sorry, My English is not good. I'm Italian.

Midnightcaller says:

Did they ever send the cops to your place? did you ever get arrested? is there a follow up report???? you can post???

trompetayritmo says:

The bottom line is…..the IRS will NEVER use any one to call you, it will only be my mail….PLUS….. it will NEVER use any foreign country to communicate anything.

gerald stone says:

Please call 520 304 9983. This is a call center in India claiming to be the IRS. They don't even have caller ID.

Joe hernandez says:


Diana Avina says:

Yes I was left a message on my answering machine from these guys. I knew it was a scam, thank you for exposing them!

john vines says:

1-888-243-9141 scam tech support

Dag Koj says:

So here is what I've notice. These scammers only scam people in the US. Why is that? Why are they so successful at it? They must know something we don't. Do they? Why are people so afraid of the IRS that the thought of being sue by the IRS will make you do whatever they ask of you? We need to ask these questions. Here is a story of a friend I know who have a mistake with his tax and the IRS gave him the nightmare of his life. He was working and received a 1099 income statement from the company for $900. After filing his taxes, he got a letter from the IRS saying that he made $90000 and was only reporting $900. They want him to pay $1200 in back taxes. so he sent them the 1099 statement that he received from the company that he worked for…and they won't believed him so he have to call the company that issued him the 1099 and they also contacted the IRS to make the correction but nope. The IRS still not believing him. The shit going on for 2yrs before he finally got it dismissed but by that time he had spend over 10k to hire lawyer to help him out. This is why the scammers can scam people easily and get them to do whatever the scammers want. So you can blame the IRS for creating these scammers.

IRS I reck scammers says:

Great work, there is so many of these guys around at the moment, I have been messing with these guys so much, it's so much fun, most of them stop answering unknown numbers after I have called them multiple times, so hopefully I have helped a few people who call back believing these scum from caller withheld numbers, the funny thing is I always give fake details I don't even live in the US, I mentioned to one of the I owned an Aston Martin and a Lamborghini (I wish!) so they decided my back taxes were 18,000 even though he had already told me the maximum penalty was 10,000! absolute scum, if you would be kind enough check the videos of me messing with them on my channel.

Anna Harlow says:

While it is true that the main IRS office is in Washington DC most tax inquiries are sent from regional offices via the US mail. Love the way you cranked this douche bag around!!

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