IRS Phishing Scam Phone Call

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This is a scam from those indicating, falsely, they are from the Internal Revenue Service. They ask for the contact information of your criminal attorney so they can schedule a conference call. Obviously, this is a SCAM as others have indicated. Some have stated there was a request for money. I recorded the phone call with a video of my phone and caller ID. Sorry about the shaky nature of the video. It was a quick decision to start recording and I was also trying to take notes
These guys knew my full name but they are not very polished in their approach. The caller(s) had thick (possibly India) accents and one stated his name was Jason O’Connor… not likely! An internet search puts the call location in India from a mobile phone. You can hear other callers in the very noisy background and occasionally there is a word or two heard similar to those used by the person calling me. Be informed, be aware, be smart… avoid these characters!


Devils Anse says:

What's the difference who scams us? Whether it's India or our own IRS we are being scammed like no other. We have Federal Tax and State and Local Tax, we have Capital Gains Tax, Sales Tax, Property Tax, Gasoline Tax, California clean air tax, Death Tax, Tax on your 401K with Penalties if taken early. I'm so fucking taxed I feel like my own government is sand fucking me. So what the fuck difference does it make who's scamming you?

457flyby says:

I've seen a lot of these vids now and wonder what the Indian authorities are doing if anything about these low lifes.

MrThekid650 says:


ZiDDi JaTT says:

if the accent sound like goat fucking gandhi then its a scam im indian so trust me i know lol i almost got scammed by these fuckers i just cursed them back in their own language 😀 which is fun.. talk about their piss drinking mothers or sisters they will get supper mad lol btw im not a cow piss drinker lol I AM a SIKH not SICK lmaooo

Zaq Voir says:

first clue … the IRS does not hire people from India who barely speak english to call americans and threaten them with dire consequences …

Heather Burson says:

Hey just got this scam call today! Assholes using the number 202-864-1234!

JenniferTheStrange says:

Fucking India….what the hell. Why are all these kinds of scams coming from India? Do they think we're all stupid white trash hicks? Or people so old they can't think for themselves anymore? sheesh. I hate these scammers.

rkb100100 says:

Thanks for doing this Bud, people that do this are contemptible.

rkb100100 says:

As the Indian guy how his mom is in bed.

NumNum says:

Nice video. We received a call May 2015 from Jason O'Connor still running the same scam. Apparently he's had plenty of success and is still in operation. What I find amazing is that he hasn't even bothered to change his name. 

KoolBreeze420 says:

I have a criminal attorney and I would love to forward these scamers to him.

lasalleman says:

Jason O'Conner.  Right.

Mark G Media says:

Nice video, its really ridiculous that these scumbag wastes of air are on this planet doing this to people, more people need to film it and post them to make everyone aware.

Bilge Pump says:

John C. I need you to go get allot of cash and ping me back for a very very serious issue with you your tube account. If u dont ping me back right away with some amount of large cash the mujahideen will come to your home and throw you into a jail. Don't mess with me and be honest okay.

Jennifer Rosenfeld says:

I got a call like that indian decent and he said his name was daniel bryan, theres also a wwe wrestler by that name. I just laughed and told him i was at the police station and he hung up and called back and it was busy

gmen1938 says:

my name is jason o'connor lol with an indian accent LOL GOOD ONE

XxminecraftcreeperxX says:

Something similar happened to my mom today, someone called her (the number was restricted) and said that they were going to sue her because apparently she bought something on 2013 and they said that when they delivered the package no one was home so they left a notice for us to go get the package (they said FedEx delivered it). After that they said that since no one picked up the package that the company was going to sue her.They later said that she had had to go to court in Tallahassee next week and pay 2500 dollars, I don't know if it is a scam or if it is actually legit. If it is a scam then  I don't get how they have all of her information.

shelby6571 says:

Any moron who really thinks these calls are genuine fully deserve to be scammed!!!

BobbyAngeleno says:

Interesting.  the first guy was from india but as soon as you were raggin him on his accent, you get transfered to a filipino. call-center logic, the filipino call-center workers are thought to be understood better by Americans. 

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