IRS Line Dance Practice…Your Tax Dollars at Work

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In between the agency’s harassment of conservative groups like Billy Graham and Tea Party members, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) made time in its schedu…


Dominick Sammarone says:

End the 81,000 employees Line Dancing. End the payroll tax. End the insanity.End the Audits. Lets make April 15th a holiday. Stop looking over your shoulder. Take home ALL the money you earned. Pay tax on what you buy NOT what you earn.

Check out FAIRTAXdotORG

AR15fan says:

Go stick your head in a tub of ice water and wake up! This is a disgusting waste of tax dollars. The IRS budget for Fiscal Year 2014 should be cut in half over this shit, let alone the targeting of Obama’s political opposition.

kb20l0gt500 says:

Pretty damned funny one has a cast and is dancing away. Look at how fat the rest are. The IRS would take a farmer with a 100 acre operation and throw him under the jail for shitting the gubamint out of $300 on the tax for diesel fuel while they look the other way at Uncle Tom Sharpton and Uncle Tom Jerkson. Look at Geithner, Jon Kerry-Heinz……….all tax cheats. His appointees own $800k in back taxes. Where is the IRS, well…

kb20l0gt500 says:

I said it long before Rush. We are seeing the results of all this hate speech and race/class warfare. Read the crap our youth post on videos on Youtube and other message forums. They attack the wealthy, people of Faith, Fox News and white southerners. Half the population are brainwashed ZOMBIES. It is the dumbing down of America and the entire country will look like Detroit in a few years.

kb20l0gt500 says:

The difference is public companies are using their own money. These clowns are using OUR money. And most major companies today have cut our lavish bull shit long ago, sport.

Yeah, all we need is more team building bringing a bunch of scum bags together.

We would have a lot more probems? 15% unemployment, 23 million out of work. 50 million on welfare. 1 in 6 living in poverty. SS and Medicare set ot go bankrupt in less than 20 years. 17 trillion in debt. You must be a librool.

kb20l0gt500 says:

Ever notice how butt ugly, fat and goofy gubamint workers, union workers, teachers and people who are Democrat.


Xylanic says:

I love people getting upset by this. This is pretty normal at many companies and conventions I work with and team building exercises like this bring people together and increase productivity. If everything was cold and hard and serious we’d have a lot more problems.

Eddie Riyadi says:

F…KING AS…..E …I have to pay tax for party IDIOTS people …DAMN IT

Eddie Riyadi says:

F…KING AS….E …. I have pay tax for party IDIOTS people …. DAMN IT

MrPepper312 says:

We need to switch to Fair Tax. This is rediculous and a waste of my hard earned money.

Lynn Morrison says:

They can dance all they want, just not on my dime.

d1l2g3 says:

I wish i worked for the irs

whitebluebug says:

typical lib. Go watch Mr. Maddow, increase her rating for 50%

bugsb70 says:

The only dark cloud is the 30% of my income I pay in taxes for this.

1republic4all says:

the only thing I have to say about the IRS is contained in

losthorizons . com

got truth ? time to face truth.

fjccommish says:

Moronic #2 – Obama says private companies can’t have fun in Vegas. They have to pay more taxes. Meanwhile the IRS and other government agencies party with tax payer dollars.

You call complaining about that a “dark cloud”. Non morons call it reasonable.

fjccommish says:

That’s a ridiculous comment. Ridiculous, BTW, is PC for “moronic”.

It’s fun at the tax payer expense. The government tells tax payers to tighten their belts. Meanwhile, the IRS goons, who harass working people, spend thousands on nonsense videos like this, and hundreds of thousands on conferences and “fun” meetings.

How about the people who create the wealth enjoy their human experience with the wealth they generate, before the IRS goons take the money and have fun with it?

rpur441044 says:

An agency created to collect tax on debt note earned for your labor,this note created from nothing in a bank via fractional reserve,that has 0 value… as Fed publication Modern Money Mechanics explains.This agency under ATF needs to be taken apart as its effecting election outcomes,as voices from an opposite party are silenced.

jakfak says:

You would only say that because you’re a federal employee, very likely in the IRS. The only dark cloud hanging over us is the big, bloated, instrusive, obnoxious, power-grabbing federal government. This video was paid for with taxpayer dollars. Get a clue.

Dervraka says:

When we reject a Conservative group’s tax exempt status a supervisor rings the cowbell and we all break into this dance…

euphonial says:

Do you pay taxes? I do, and I’m angry that $60,000 worth of them have gone to make several videos like this one. That’s no dark cloud of negativity – that’s reality.

ArkOmen1 says:

…and these people would act in a non biased way if it came to reviewing a tax return of an individual or organization that sided against the current administration too! Believe me, none of these individuals would be partisan to one side or the other if they came across the words “Tea Party”, or “patriot”, “freedom and liberty’, etc. They would all act in good faith. Just believe me, ok?

khachaturianlick says:

Who redacted the names? These people need to be doxed!

PacoMan2 says:

They can have their freaking “joy and perspective” on their OWN dime AFTER work.

bkedp says:

Look into the Bureau of Reclamation hiring Yoga instructors for their employees during the sequester.

Linc Austin says:

The dark cloud is actually the corruption running rampant in the government which was created to serve the people, not to oppress them. Perhaps if the IRS had not agreed with the Obama administration to target people based on their political persuasion, no one would be paying attention to this video. Between the line dancing, the Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island parody produced by the agency, $60,000 has been spent on this nonsense. They can have a company picnic for fun like normal businesses.

azzh00le says:

You pay for it then

brazenhubris says:

Abolish the IRS and affirmative action now.

marilyn9085 says:

Gimme a break … can’t people have a little fun! This looks like fun … sign me up.
Let’s bring in joy and perspective in all our lives. Those of you so negative and
unhappy about this should take your dark cloud and keep it to yourself. No it doesn’t
matter to me who they work for … they are human beings and we all have the potential
to enjoy our precious human experience. m

MK091080 says:

My tax money at work

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