IRS is bringing back more than half of its workforce to handle tax refunds

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FBN’s Blake Burman on the partial government shutdown and how the Internal Revenue Service is expected to recall 46,000 workers back to its offices to handle tax refunds.


cools says:

Why are the democrats who voted for the wall last yr rejecting it now? Take congress pay away

thymekiller says:

if you adjust your dependents on your weekly paycheck, you don't have to rely on tax checks and you get more take home pay every week. A big tax refund check just means that you loaned your money to the gov money all year at no interest. You don't need to do that. Your cheating yourself.

Bruce Snell says:

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Deirram2a says:

You call us back don’t mean were coming.

Real Beginning says:

Ever heard of not acting despotic, you public turd?

Real Beginning says:

If I don't get my taxes on time, there will be consequences from me and from people voting for Trump. Bitch Trump better watch his back.

Lear King of Albion says:

What's to negotiate. The Democrats are so sure they understand all of the nuances of helping Border Patrol, that they refused to listen to the DHS briefing last week. If they won't listen to DHS state what it is sure its border cops need to make their task doable, there are no negotiations. Not with know-it-alls, assuming their "great new tech ideas" exclusively is all they will talk about and not even fund that. Seems that the agenda still unstated and in fact denied is that the Democrats want to have an open border with an openly Socialist government, where the new president campaigned on letting drug kingpins out of prison. And seem to want to back both the flow of drugs, the human trafficking and the predations on people in caravans that will grow bigger and bigger until the wall is announced fait accompli built. I am amazed at what gets stated when the important facts are crossed out. What built the Land of the Alleged Free within the Land of the Free. Americommies such as Shumer now talks and acts (but denies being) not recognizing that having a Socialist government to the South is a problem? QED.

Gary says:

The IRS is not called in to handle tax refunds, they are called in to handle tax collection.
I don't think this 2 party system is working out. We need 3+ parties like other countries. 2 party systems offers only 2 opposing views on issues like abortion, gay marriage, taxes, healthcare, immigration, military etc… Add a 3rd and 4th party and you would have a larger range of views, also you wouldn't have to choose between a lying sociopath or a reality TV start as your next president.

Walt Gibbs says:

Oh how nice of them to come back so they can give money they stole back. That’s the only reason they are doing it so they can keep better track and not give no more back then what they have to is the only reason they are coming back. They don’t care about the people they care about the money the steal so they can keep living in big homes and have plenty of money while the people suffer because of them taking their money. Don’t put any faith in anything any politician court cop government or none of them say because their agenda is to take from the country and it’s people not to look out for its safety.

Brenda J says:

Shhhhhhhh…be quiet for 5 more days!

Queen Kill says:

That is reductions to they self but they got to go in that white House so he gonna get kill like that

robert forsythe says:

The Republican Party cares nothing about the public except how to control and frighten them at voting time. Fox News is paid to get Republican votes 🗳

senseamp says:

Oh noes, Democrats didn't show up for BigMacs and Trump tantrums.

robert forsythe says:

Perhaps the president should not walk out. Sounds like a tit for tat. Trump’s hard ball with the Democrats will work just as well as his hard ball with China. America pays for this Ego boy and his con jobs. Tell me what the job game is doing what about the stock market. What about respect and cooperation from other countries. Other countries laughing at him at the U N

Michael Newell says:

Trump equals Russia first.!

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