IRS Insanity: Small Business Owner Takes IRS to Court Over Outrageous New Regulations

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You think the federal government is bad for taxpayers, you should hear what the IRS is doing to tax preparers. New Internal Revenue Service rules are putting regulatory burdens on tax preparation services. Critics say that the new rules are unconstitutional and only benefit big tax preparers. Hear more as Alexis Garcia interviews Chicago small business woman Sabina Loving about the burdens the federal government is putting on her tax preparation service, and what Loving is doing to fight back. See more at


Christy Witt says:

So I am a RTRP now with my PTIN and 15 CEs in place total cost to me $254.25 in a tax season I generally make $3500.00 working part time for 3 months. In the future I will only pay an additional $138.25 a year to work and keep my skills updated and reassure my clients I am doing what I need to do to stay on top of my game. A lot of the CE credits can be obtained for free from the IRS lowering the costs even more. How much do most people spend on a DEGREE that makes them maybe $25,000 a YEAR?

imarketingsoftware says:

Thank you! Love it. 

MrRacinjason1 says:

the tax code is so complicated if thats the buisness you want to be in you need to know how to properly do dont see mechanics taking the epa to cort for making cars so complicated they have to go back to school every year .the real problem is that the tax code is so complicated we need tax preparers

halloranedward says:

it isn’t just that tax’s are too high(they are) it isn’t just that spending is too high(it is) it isn’t even that the plan to spend exponentially more than they collect will result in bankruptcy (it will ) The problem is that that money is all being spent on socialism , which is a violation of basic human rights.

Elmgren76 says:

In Sweden, your tax return are done automatically and you can verify it by sending an sms. The only thing you have to add yourself are sales of stocks, properties and such if you have done any of those activities.

The US system seems to be extremely inefficient and complicated.

dntpokdabear says:

Spot on – Oops; or the way one must behave before the internal rectal service.

Timothy Powell says:

Am I the only one who noticed Ms Loving was referred to as the defendant?? Kinda counter to the title. Oops!

Lurker1979 says:

Peter Schiff has talked about this type of thing on his talk radio show. Financial world has lot of the same over the top regulations.

order9066 says:

The tragedy is that US tax code is so complicated we have to hire someone to complete and file our income tax returns!

uhhh54321 says:

DURR H+R Block has to follow “laws” so you can’t undercut them with your lemonade stand. Boo hoo get a job.

uhhh54321 says:

This reporter is HAWT

marionetemanJ says:

Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

isantimn says:

I dont see a problem with these regulations, You can destroy a persons life if the tax preparer
you pick does not know the new rules and regs they come up with every year.

BJEAKE says:

Just another complex issue….governemnt regulation of industry. It is not all bad and it isn’t always a good thing either. Over the past decade, like others I hope, my confidence in the governments abilitity to regulate anything has dwindled. Ironically, I am not only a state gvoernment employee, but I am also a licensed professional. 🙂

Joe11Blue says:

I honestly think we need to increase the standard requirements for people to work in government.

Phalanx3800 says:

Big government Romney with more war or big government Obama with a little less war?

Meh, I’ll opt out of both choices.

soCernunnos says:

Bank of America does a lot of that “Many Assistants with One Licensed Rubber Stamper” strategy. I have seen people lose their homes or more commonly several thousand dollars because some call center maroon did not allocate the payment correctly.

scottydu81 says:

good god we got some cute lawyers and stuff

laserblast92 says:

Yes! That was what I was trying to explain.

Josh Bo says:

Good point. I wasn’t figuring in the ‘Paul’ (Perot) factor. He could definitely be a spoiler in the next election. Seen it before. I think far to many people believe that Obama is a shoe in if he has a straight up head to head race with one conservative. If it’s head to head, he loses. His record will do him in… he won’t need any help losing… but RP could be a spoiler for sure.

laserblast92 says:

Obama will be reelected because of peoples “beliefs and ideals” made them vote for someone who has no chance….

Do you not want Obama out or not?

laserblast92 says:

Not good at math? As it stands now it would be a 3 way vote, Obama, Paul and Romney. If votes are split between Paul and Romney that would more then likely give Obama the victory.
I just want Obama out he has done enough damage already.
“Lesser of two evils”

cstarr3 says:

Big Business <3 Big Government

Phalanx3800 says:

If my beliefs and ideals do not align with any candidate I will not vote for him. Is that hard to understand? Also, who says I will vote Paul? Lots of honest third party candidates out there, and I might even just throw in a “none of the above”.

Don’t say I have the right to vote and tell me which two to pick from.

Miatacrosser says:

Let’s see big companies are big enough to influence the government and the government is big enough to control any part of the economy it wants to get involved in. I know you are talking about German fascism. But in reality, America is silently becoming the fascist nation it defeated 70+ years ago. All that’s left is to create a fake crisis in the name of national security, blame it on some sinister group of people, declare Marshall Law, and Hail Obama.

BJEAKE says:

In my opinion taxes should not be so complicated that you need a “qualified” person to prepare your tax return. I admire that she was trying to make a living providing a service to her community at a reduced rate. The point to the story is that type of activity is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Josh Bo says:

If the size and power of the current U.S. gov run agencies do NOT get either shut down or considerably scaled down… then you might as well just prepare to be another European failed country. What you see in Greece and other failing socialist countries is coming to a city/state near you.

Josh Bo says:

“…because there are not enough votes to remove him…”

Where did you get this info? From the MSM or some place I’ve never heard of?

laserblast92 says:

What is sad is there is a good chance of voting him out, but Paulbots want to keep their ideals and only vote for Paul even if it would mean Obama would stay in office.

laserblast92 says:

So you will vote for only Ron Paul even though it could mean Obama will win because of there are not enough votes to remove him…..

crunchybobjones says:

it all falls down to too many crooks in office.. seems like someone got paid to put this in place so the big company’s have less competition .. if all tax preparers had to have this yea it would be fair. but its not set up that way

crunchybobjones says:

but there only imposing it on the small business that “all employees” take the coarse where as H & R Block or Jackson Hewitt dont.. hmm does that seem fair, no it dont

Mr2400SAT says:

Crony Capitalism: Big Franchise Chain preparers bribe the hyper-corrupt Chicago Machine, excuse me contribute to the Hope and Change Obama Re-Election campaign, to eliminate all the competition.

Johannes Fiftyeight says:

What next? Will we have to pass a competency test to do our own taxes?!
This is indicative to the fact that the tax code is ridiculously complicated! An admission if you will…

marionetemanJ says:

Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

McFarlinCA says:

Liberal elect themselves to cry about the actions they take when in office, i find humor in that. But i feel for her, my mother runs a small bus. there are countless times she talks about just selling out, mainly because of new regulations. New taxes and government involvement in general. its a big fat scam, and Obama is the one running it for now.

Aristophile says:

But you can file your own taxes?

2010GOP says:

The IRS is part of the Treasury Department. The Sec of Treasury is Turbo Tax Timmy, nominated by Obama.

We need laws passed in Congress now? Wow — who knew? Witnessed the EPA’s actions lately?

Wake Up

iappreciategoodmusci says:

I would really, really like to know who she will vote for. That would tell the tale.

davilch says:

Well stated.

PatriotEyes says:

While no party is perfect, in fact far from it, if we keep on voting for Democrats this is what we get; the Republicans have sold us out too.

zidel1985 says:

can someone tell me what obama has to do with this video? it wasnt a law he passed it is the irs over stepping its power

burtonh1 says:

I say do away with the progressive tax system all together and replace it with a national sales tax system. There would be no need for government tracking number (a Social Security Number). The government would lose its shroud of intimidate and restoration true economic freedom

wizmindfire says:

Every small business owner faces challenges that Union crybabies can’t even imagine. And at the end of 30 years of regulations, stress, weekends, “overtime,” making payroll, borrowing to keep the lights on, etc., suppose they’re lucky enough to sell the business for a million. If they cash in that lump sum for an annuity, they’ll get about 60,000 a year in payments. And that’s less than the average government union pension. Thing is, the business owner had to fund the union pension too, in tax..

kmg4 says:

Only 300 views, even with an Instalanche?

reardenmedals says:

Get used to it, it’s a megawave – everywhere I turn my sites, I see nothing but piles of new requirements, bread by piles of new requirements (in and out of government). I think, like the debt bomb, this too has already exploded and there is no taming of it.

Ken1Nickels1 says:

yes, you’re right. You need a certification today just to shine shoes. something ain’t right.

Ken1Nickels1 says:

This lays bare the Obama lie that he is for the middle class. Don’t fall for it anymore. He’s for himself and the Democrat party and the quest for Power in perpetuity. He got to go.

Phalanx3800 says:


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