IRS Imposter Scams

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How to spot scammers who pretend to be IRS officials to get you to send them money.

Learn more about IRS imposter scams at

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Carolyn C says:

One problem with saying that the IRS will always send you mail first is that my "IRS representative" on the phone said the IRS had sent me mail twice and that it had been returned. If they say that, there is the fear of what if that did happen? I still didn't believe it, but that made it a little more plausible. His threat of the police arriving at my door within 30 minutes if I hung up the phone, while scary sounding, was reassuring in that it did not sound plausible.

mr rocksonrocks says:

problem is the scammers are depicted as being caucasian. It should really be a bunch of dot knots in India. That probably would not be very pc though.

Richard Spence says:

It's a shame that dumb scammers continue to pose as IRS officials through those mediums even though it's easy to look up that the IRS doesn't do that…


Great new animated warning about the IRS imposter scam from the Federal Trade Commission!  Don't fall for it. The IRS will not insist that you pay a debt using a prepaid debit card, iTunes card, or wire transfer. Just hang up!

ElevatorMan5482 ElevExperiencing Productions says:

The fact that this only has hundreds of views is sad

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