IRS Fraud: There Is No Law That Requires You To File A 1040!

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Watch the whole interview on google videos (,search for the title: AMERICA.Freedom To Fascism.Aaron Russo Interview.

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RSVPini says:

I'm guessing that a lot of people who have posted in this comment section are now serving time for income tax evasion. Some of them might be out on probation by now… : )

fairfax blaster says:

16th Amendment

PlanetRockJesus says:

This lovely man died so soon after he discovered the truth.

Celtic Jay says:

yeah but if you don't pay the mental midget meter maids will come with guns and they will either put you in prison or kill you I'd end up taking everything you have anyway

juntjoo nunya says:

Hey uploader, how about his friggin name in the description at least?

meboneme1 says:

TRY not paying! I bet he pay HIS!

Riley the Core says:

5:30 … So if I were a CEO/Business owner, that's when I would have to by law file for an income tax?…

Charley Dan says:

IRS Code Article 26 states United States Citizens pay taxes. Long story c short, most Americans address Foreign: non alien residents and no taxes.
What happen to constution, education. The constution is found in common law, 7th. Where is common law found? In court of record, supreme court and as individuals you can go there and file a lawsuit for villain there of. So when the law says you are a traveler. I would eye the secretary of your state and let her know and you want to avoid constitutional issues with an officer and so would you have free plates and I'D. Most do. Then If secretary denied it. I would go to common law court and sue her personally. And officers violating my constitutional right there after. Our fore father were lawyers. More law books were sold in America then Europe at the time. It was taught in schools.

I pee in my sink I'm afraid to come out my room says:

a fucking jew again

Kazimir Kennedy says:

i need nazi gold now

Braxton's Basketball Diaries says:

For all the world to see (Or to any moron who does not believe there is a law on the books that mandates the paying of taxes in the U.S.)

Here is the link to the law that says you have to pay taxes and the penalties for not paying.

This is copied verbatim folks:

Title 26 USC § 7201
Attempt to evade or defeat tax Any person who willfully attempts to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof:

Shall be imprisoned not more than 5 years
Or fined not more than $250,000 for individuals ($500,000 for corporations)
Or both, together with the costs of prosecution

Sophia Mahmud MD says:


Diamond D's . Dees says:

this is great that I'm finding this out because I've been saying that for a while myself I just was curious about how many people research this and how many people went deeply into this I would really like to know more if it's possible thank

Fa Vang says:

Tell that to Wesley Snipes.

Sandra Greco says:

IRS is illegal. Unconstitutional. We miss you Aaron Russo. You and George Carlin were such icons of truth. I wish you had been cloned many times.

se7ensnakes says:

There really is no law BUT you have to understand the trick which the IRS, Retsquid, Dan Evans, etc are hiding.

1) The income tax was set up by primarily by bankers because most of the money that the bank were going to manufacture were really IOUs (promissory notes). All of the paper money (which is only 3% of the total money supply) we use today has a corresponding debt instrument, a bond, which is what the national debt is. We can just as easily print paper money without the bond but then bank owners would not like that.

2) According to two unanimous supreme court cases that took place after the 16th amendment specifically about the income tax it was agreed that the 16th amendment DOES NOT authorize the income tax. However, most importantly, it was deemed that the income tax "in its nature was an excise tax".

3) An excise tax is an indirect tax. This means that the subject of the income tax is the activity that produces the income. For example, if you manufacture alcohol then the tax would be on the production of alcohol and not on any property such as income or wages. Taxes on property is a direct tax. There is not one single Supreme court decision after the 16th Amendment that states that the income tax is a direct tax, and specially as the wording of Supreme Court Justice White opinions is that the income tax is strictly an excise tax. This is precedence. So the IRS needs to address the subject which is the activity that produces the income. Income, wages, are legally irrelevant unless you dont know any better and start to argue form and not substance..

4) So if you are a doctor applying CPR to save a patient is that truly a revenue taxable activity? And if so it must be detailed if the irs indicts you ("to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation.") AND THERE MUST BE A CORRESPONDING LAW!

fa de says:

Wrong… 10 minutes of Google research folks!

J whome says:

you dont want to read title 26 to see the law…..just look up the crimes the numerous tax cheats schemers were convicted of and sent to prison for and upheld on appeal. That will tell ya.

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