IRS fraud!! No Law requiring Americans to pay Income Taxes on their Labor!

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– Did you know that the U.S. Government permits the FED to create money out of thin air – with no gold backing?

. The IRS is a Criminal Organization.

Did you know that the FED loans the money to the U.S. Government WITH INTEREST? (This interest makes up the Federal Debt)

Did you know that the Federal Reserve (FED) is a private, for-profit organization?

Have you wondered why the U.S. Government does not print the money itself and eliminate paying interest to the private for-profit FED?

Did you know that on January 15, 1984 the Grace Commission (a private sector, blue ribbon committee requested by President Ronald Regan) found that “100 percent of what is collected is absorbed SOLELY by interest on the Federal Debt�.all individual Income Tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the service taxpayers EXPECT FROM GOVERNMENT!”

Did you know that President John F. Kennedy started creating United States dollars to replace the Federal Reserve dollars shortly before he was assassinated?

Did you know that in 1933 under Executive Order Number (6073) then President F.D. Roosevelt made it illegal for anyone to own or trade gold (Except Federal Reserve Banks) with jail and large fines for those that did not give up their gold? That executive order was only applicable in federal possessions and territories. The People were simply too na�ve to know that back then.


If you care, do your own research and either make a decision to be an Informed Slave or GET OFF THE PLANTATION! Just turn off WWF Smackdown, American Idle, Lost, Survivor, Boston Legal and the baseball game for at least a few days and check these sources:

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin


J R says:

Thats why god is going to save those good people. The whole system is going to perish! I don't wish nobody burns alive in hell but these people went beyond that

PBR Streetgang says:

The IRS in the Federal Reserve are illegal and unconstitutional organizations. I don't know how any human being who works for the IRS can look in the mirror or get a night's sleep. What kind of chick marries a dude who works for the IRS?? What kind of scumbag of a dude marries a chick who works for the IRS?? What kind of children have any respect for a father that works for the IRS. We the people have the right and the power to destroy both the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Time to take the gloves off folks they've been beating the living crap out of us for decades on end it's time for us to hit back..

keyth griffin says:

So why are people going to prison?

Tara Stock says:

they are scammers and frauds

chris says:

Here's a video of Dave Champion, who is the author of a book entitled, "Income Tax: Shattering the Myths" stating clearly that he has not filed an income tax return since 1993!!!

It is the most detailed book you will ever find on the topic of what the income tax is. Here are two additional videos from Dave Champion that you can watch yourself and find out what the W-4 and W-9 are actually for

W-4 form

W-9 form

Ancient Truth Seeker says:

16th amendment

Crackles McFarly says:

This really caught on didn't it?

Wil Ts says:

Do you not to look into "the Law" to know that it is not right for anyone to forcefully take a potion of the money you worked for?

TwistedStoryAsylumMan says:

The IRS doesn't give a fuck about the rule of law, they would rather strong arm people.


No wonder they tried to kill Regan. He told the truth!!

Christina Briggs says:

I want to write about this in my home state. We need to stand up and fight against these thieves and liars. No more

nest ocasio says:

i haven't filed my taxes scenes 2000 and i don't know why i owe the IRS over 10000s dollars,this empire will not last long.

Mike Kean says:

Aaron Russo, creator of the movies 'Trading Places' and 'The Rose' can attest to this fraud as well. BTW..he was suicide after this interview.

neliomad4music says:

May a revolution rise against the IRS bastards

James Vaurigaud says:

The U,S, gov, tried too pass the 19 amendment, but failed so they took it to the Supreme and got the income tax passed using the Commerce Clause in the Constitution ! So pay your income tax or you know what will happen! PS NOT SHORE OF ACT AMENDMENT NUMBER THIMK IT WAS 19

Chet Pomeroy says:

An individual is constructively obliged to file an annual Form 1040 in response to any information return(s) (e.g., Forms W-2, 1099) already sent to the IRS. However, for private-sector filers, there is a lawful way of getting everything refunded to you when you file your annual Form 1040, including FICA, Medicare and withheld Federal income taxes.

Linda Childs says:

I want all my money back

Joey Cymbals says:

Let's start from the beginning. What are the steps to not pay ever, to show the midle finger to those sharks for ever. The steps in detail.


kubush says:

Title 26 is the law!

Candace Giles says:


retractedwan says:

Breaking da law

Seraph909 says:

So it should be, that when you don't pay your taxes it's a civil case, that you owe money to a private party and that private party would have to sue you for that money. The government should not be able to throw you in jail for tax evasion. Our government and Congress are nothing but strong arm lieutenants for the rich, elite, corporations. We live under a Mafia.Our economic system,, it appears, is committed to the illegal drugs and The Industrial War Machine, or it will fall apart, because corporations need us to consume and we cannot consume enough cars, homes and rubber dildos to keep up with their Ponzi scheme. We are heading back to serfdom.

jay Hood G IN THEM ENT says:

This video has great ties with what the government doing and why they say the things they say look up …Maritine admiralty law

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