IRS Agent realizes IRS is the biggest fraud 1 of 2.flv

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jesus g says:

Can this be for real.

Saint Boudreau says:

This little fairy tale has been around a long time……..and many people sit in jail because they tried to apply it.
But when someone has a great big ax and holds it over your little head do not waste time saying it is against the law………….just run.   Nowhere to run………….pay the tax.

SuperGuitarman69 says:

No one should EVER give the IRS anything. It is a voluntary program. The money collected goes to the families that own the Federal Reserve, and the central banking corporations around the world. They are the 12 families. Rothschild's, Rockefeller's etc. And the Royal family, that is German NOT even British. That is 100% the truth people. STOP paying them. Tell them that you owe them nothing, you do not wish to participate in the voluntary tax program. It is ILLEGAL people. STOP STOP STOP paying them. If anything? Tell them they owe you money. That shuts them up real quick. I took them on? And beat them. So can you. Stand your ground. They are Satanists that run it, and you do NOT have to pay them one red cent. 

Marie Young says:

Impeach the fake president!!!!!!!

Rod Knocker says:

Losthorizons(dot)com. See the law easily explained. Search on Losthorizons for a short story Bob's Bicycles. Share it!

James Randall says:

nevermind i found it, sherry peel jackson dot o rg

James Randall says:

yes, their is a button named "Transcript" and it is located under the video (if you are on a pc browser) . It looks like a piece of paper with a black line through it.

James Randall says:

Where is her website? She could be making a ton of money helping people fight courts into removing income tax from their pay checks.

john thang says:

Omy god every american should know this shit by now my god -.-'

NikeSoccer093 says:

The IRS is the biggest fraud…

decep01 says:

y do so many peopel go to prison then?

E Lokk says:

Irs fraud? THey say someone stole your ssn and you owe money. But they wont give you information on who used it. You just gotta take their word for it. Fraud all fucking day.

jokerx71 says:

Retarded this has so little views. Directly reflects how many people are really informed.

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