IRS accused of targeting US conservative parties

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The Internal Revenue Service is government agency known for scrutinising tax returns in the United States. Now the IRS itself is facing scrutiny. Allegations…


Rayne Feather says:

Obama and his corrupt lying administration. They need to get out of this country and go back to Europe!

Emigdiosback says:

I agree. while we’re at it, lets revoke it for religious groups. the WBC must pay double for its hate-mongering actions.

Emigdiosback says:

don’t you mean buy buy buy its people? anyone can simply be paid off.

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mars Cubed says:

Tea Party is a bunch of scheming far-right banksters sales swindlers who’s ideology is not paying taxes & selfish greed.
It is outrageous if the IRS do not target them IMO.

DeSwiss says:

AlJazeeraEnglish your lede is factually incorrect. It’s not political parties being ”investigated” by the IRS. They’re not that stupid! These are so-called ”tax-exempted organizations” that aren’t allowed to be both tax exempt and political (TeaBaggers) at the same time!

It helps that when you report a story that you at least get a few facts to throw in there somewhere….. :-/

mitch lola says:

anytime, history is on the side of the left. Its the rational way to organize. You people are 18th century mannequins.

workingclasssociety says:

USA is about to BYE BYE by it’s people!

breaks0 says:


breaks0 says:

The Tea PArty doesn’t deserve tax exempt status any more than the fucking corporate fucks like the kochs, adelson, philip morris and other tobacco companies and the rest of the global fortune 500 companies do. They pay little if any taxes relative to what their fair share would be compared to the rest of us at all. Tax them MORE and don’t give any of their non profit patsy groups tax exempt status, you could easily close the federal deficit and get us out of this jobless recovery thereby!!!

allgoo19 says:

“the left will win in the end.”
It would be better said, “When conservative wins, we all lose.”
See “1920s crash”

wilson arden says:

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mitch lola says:

Back at you comrade. the left will win in the end.

lunacb says:

IRS independent? Integrity? How laws are being enforced? Wait till Hillary gets her turn.

rockyscarlet says:

where is my comment?

Parker Christine says:

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J Hansen says:

Fuck off bleeding heart bitch.

J Hansen says:

*limited taxes. Its not black or white, taxes or no taxes. Its about too many taxes. Some taxes are fine, but there’s a limit to when it becomes ridiculous. This isnt that complicated of an idea to understand, isn’t it?

allgoo19 says:

It maybe the time to abolish “Non-profit” tax exempt status.
Who really believe that there’s organizations(charity, religious etc.) that profit motive is no part of it?
Specially if it’s a political, it gives them another advantage of not disclosing their finance which actually encourages bribes legally.

MyChemicalBromance says:

The IRS is inspecting a group of people that claim to not believe in taxes. Utterly shocking!

mitch lola says:

Id target these crazies too. They represent the WORST most hateful aspects of american society.

Javier Alexis Lopez says:


Emigdiosback says:

no, I mean that I hate both of them.

The IRS is a product of Centralized Banking. /watch?v=tGk5ioEXlIM

the Tea Party are the conservatives that give real patriots a bad name with their vitriolic xenophobia towards anyone who simply looks foreign; I.E. the controversy over Obama’s birth certificate.

knoose says:

Blaming it on low level employees? Just pathetic….

knoose says:

Then dont bother thinking about politics and dont vote.

Dan McCarthy says:

How about everyone stop paying taxes? We’ll see in no time who is actually in charge.

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