Investment Advice for a Lottery Winner : Financial Planning & You

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Marcus C says:

If I win the lotto… there is NO WAY i’m going to continue to work. The
only thing that struck me was the continue to work part for 2years… Can
we compromise.. give me 2 times my annual salary and then take the rest and
follow your plan. I’m certain a 250k wont affect the 20 million I won

John Kugelfischer says:

Kevin, you’re an idiot, and this is idiot advice. Huh? Yeah. Life is
SHORT. You have no idea when you’re going to go or how you’re going to go.

You really expect someone to do NOTHING with a windfall for a year?

A year is a lifetime.

Larry Ogden says:

If he is so financial smart….Why isn’t he rich ???

WOWCruiser says:

When I win the Jackpot… I just made believe I won a year prior… Thanks
for the advice !!! 

bighum70 says:

I quit watching after he said “nothing” for a year. I have no idea what
this video is all about. 

MercifulLove says:

I get what he’s saying, but I do feel a year is a bit long to ask someone
not to spend millions of dollars. I mean, let’s be real. What you could do
is meet with all your financial advisors, and lawyers n such before you
claim your winnings so that you have a pre set plan in place….but wait a

holy_cerberus says:

Love the advice. I hope I win so that I could put it to use 🙂 

Patrick B says:

Depends how much you hit. If u hit 2-3m yeah I agree but if you hit 100+m
im sure you could quit your job and take 1m and do whatever you want. While
youre burning through that m set up a certain percent of conservative and
agressive types of investments & set aside cash to last you a couple years.
Set yourself up so you have just about all of it ‘tied up’ in equitys,
bonds, etc so when your 2nd aunt cousins neighbors brothers comes askin for
$ you dont have access to it.

Myrtle Keane says:

So one wins 50 million and continues to live in an economically depressed
ghetto. After the media release, everyone is going to know and someone will
come for them to kidnap, extort, rob or kill. So, your advice is stupid to
the point of suicidal.

MarkUrbanTV says:

Great advice 

John Smith says:

Dividend paying stocks – Coca Cola for example. Has raised its dividend
payment for the past 50 years. 4 million dollars gets you 100,000 shares of
coke, at 1.12 dollars per share – 100k+ a year. Not a massive yield sock
but steady and dependable.

Justpicky Smith says:

Your Advice is exactly what I have thought of , example : 2 yrs – 5 years
6years – 9 yrs ………..10 years – 15 yrs …….20years – 30 years
…….where this money will last along time ……..for generations
…….that’s if I won over $100 million dollars ……Live with in my
means , not go out and buy “nonsense ” stuff ……

paperchased86 says:

makes a lot of sense, hope i have patience when the time comes!

Whetsit Tuya says:

What the ****** are liquid assets, capital markets, bonds and inflation?
Don’t most people just spend all of it on weed?

Justpicky Smith says:

Theirs two lottery winners , I would follow their route , would be Mr. Brad
Duke and
Mr.Butler , these 2 men are doing the right thing with there money . Much
planning .
Both has a wealthy Management …

Kimmy Queen says:

A year? No… three months to six months maybe…

Thanh Nguyen says:

You never be my advisor when I win the lottery. Do nothing.

joellamm1 says:

Thank you for your advises

mikemer79 says:

Ferrari yacht hookers cocain pot

Thianro Uklian says:

So, I think the besy for for a year is put in into Fixed Deposit for a year
period in a bank.

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