Introduction and Importance of Financial Planning Class XII Business Studies by Dr Heena Rana

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For the first time in INDIA, textbook in Economics, Accountancy & Business Studies with FREE Video Lectures by Eminent Authors/Subject Expert.

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About the Book
» Written strictly according to the latest syllabus prescribed by the CB.S.E., New Delhi.
» Up-to-date study material provided by using the latest available data.
» Elaborate explanation of the concepts.
» Summary (Points to Remember) given at the end of each Chapter.
» Numerical Problems from previous years’ question papers incorporated and solved in the respective Chapters.
» Methodology of solving typical numerical problems given wherever necessary.
» Methodology of drawing typical diagrams given wherever necessary.
» Comprehensive Exercises given at the end of each Chapter.
» Sample Question Paper given at the end of the book.
» Multi-disciplinay Problems given at the end of the books.
» Video lectures on each topic with replies to queries for better and clear understanding of the concepts by the Author/Subject Matter Expert.

Benefits of Video Lectures
» Easy to access anytime: With video lectures, students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
» Students learn when they are primed to learn.
» Students can pause, rewind and replay the lecture.
» Eases the distraction of having to transcribe the lectures.
» Self-paced learning: Students can follow along with the lecture at their own pace, going more slowly or quickly
» Bookmarking: Students can bookmark the point where they’re up to in the video so they can easily return and continue watching the lecture at a later point.
» Searchability: Students can easily search through the lecture to find the required sub-topic they need, without having to rewind and fast forward throughout the video.
» Greater accuracy: Students will understand the lecture better and can make sure that they have not misheard anything.
» Facilitates thinking and problem solving: It improves research skills, collaborative working, problem solving, technology and organisational skills.


vikash raj singh says:

screen Mai kuch clearly dekhta hi nh hai

Avinash Chandra Srivastava says:

I have understood clearly what is explained but still more explanation is required to understand in a better way

chifundo mazengera says:

What was the textbook used for this video?

Roman Jangid says:

Kya h ye mtlb kya

Kasis Tabassum says:

Nice explanation mam it helps me a lot thanks

Kasis Tabassum says:

Nice explanation mam

Charvi Gowda .v says:

nice but all most topics not complited

sunita bhat says:

best teacher


i like your video but you didnot explained the full topic

Akshat Jain says:

give complete vedio pls don't cut in end it creates a chaos and big problem

Karishma Arora says:

bad explanation. nothing explained in detail. just reading out whats mentioned in books

suman yadav says:

excellent 👍👌

sudh desi romance says:

nice bt not too good

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