Intro to the New QuickBooks Online & Basic Navigation

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Intro to the New QuickBooks Online & Basic Navigation


Parul Patel says:

Do you have a video for real estate investment bookkiping ? If you don't then which quickbook program do you suggest for starter LLC ?

Paradox Dea says:

Quick books is one word…Fantastic! Thanks for your tutorial.

Don Freeman says:

Great Pace – packed full of great info and tips.  Thank you

millie vallejo says:

Ok video, but too fast..

Wills. WindowsAndWheels says:

Great video and i personally liked the pace you went at especially since it was an overview of everything. Thank you :)

Ken Engle says:

Hey, great job, great energy, very informative.  Thanks for the help.  I don't think you're too fast,… there's always the pause and rewind button.  In fact, I think you suggest the Pause button as needed.  So,…again,.. thank you.

Doliwaitsfor Yeshua says:

For first time viewers/users you go too fast as though you're in a big hurry.  I wouldn't watch you if I had another resource.

Clay Adams says:

love "Compact"!

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