Intro To Bookkeeping

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The full length course is now live over at This was a course I was going to write and record for Lynda…


Warren Adcock says:

Thank you so very much

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. says:

Hi Nelson. It is a course on Bookkeeping with QuickBooks. We don’t
introduce QuickBooks until Chapter 2. The idea is to teach QuickBooks and
bookkeeping but with the RIGHT foundation in place so you’re not just
filling out forms in QuickBooks.

Nelson Rodriguez says:

Do you guys use QuickBooks when teaching this course? Would I have to take
a separate QB course?

Jakub Ličko says:

Is this the first part of Bookkeeping guid, And you will be continuing to
record another ones or this is only a intro video and other parts you have
already recorded and they are womewhere in your youtube account?

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. says:

As with many things, it just depends on how deep you need to go and how
complex the bookkeeping will be in this job you’re hoping to get. My school
of Bookkeeping will certainly give you the foundation you need. Whether or
not you can pick it all up in a week depends of course on you, how much
time you have and how quickly you pick it up.

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. says:

@TheSugarplum770 You spelled it wrong. It’s

Erez Mazzi Latika soap says:

This is great! Thank you!!

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. says:

@KralZltko This is an intro to a course I am in the process of writing. If picks it up it will be offered on their site. Otherwise I will
complete the course and offer it through my own website. It is not
available just yet.

NeyNey2303 says:

if I master bookkeeping in a week then I can get this job. so far this is
doing a great job. but do you think its possible to learn bookkeeping in a

TheSugarplum770 says: does not open

Gareth Davies says:

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