Interview with Cleo Hamel – – Part 2

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

* YouTube Description Interview with Cleo Hamel – – Part 2 Monty Okay. I was wondering what are some of the major issues that you’re finding in your research and dealing with your clients as far as tax goes? What sort of questions are you feeling, things like medical expenses and deductions and so on? Cleo Hamel: Medical expenses tend to be one of the biggest ones that we’ve been dealing with. Probably over the last few years, there are two parts to medical expenses. One of the general things you go to the doctor, dentist and if you’ve got kids who have braces, you’re probably making payments on a monthly basis for that. Or if you’re fortunate enough to have a plan at work, part of it is being paid for through that private health plan. But you’re still paying some money out. Those types of things don’t feel like a lot when you pay them every month, but if you look at them at the end of the year, there’s some money there to be saved. So we’re getting people asking us, What types of expenses outside of the dentist and the doctor can I claim? There’s glasses, contact lenses. If you wear a hearing aid, if you have to buy batteries for that hearing aid. You went to the chiropractor, massage therapy. So there are a number of medical practitioners that provide a service and you may be paying for them, whether it’s .00 or .00 every month or maybe it’s more. Other things they’re asking or just finding out about is if you pay for a private health premium



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