Internet Explorer vs FireFox

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Too Cool For Internet Explorer?


Too Cool For FireFox?

I prefer Internet Explorer. But – I do use firefox, netscape and opera when I am making major design changes for my websites and my blogs. I personally don’t care what browser you are using to read my blogs but I will try to make sure that you are able to.

So please stop ‘spreading’ firefox and anti-I.E. messages .. your browser isn’t that great .. but YES you do have a few good features that are quite useful. So .. what’s up with the “Too Cool” campaign?


Why can’t we all just get along?


Sales Leads says:

Firefox is supposed to be “safer” tha IE and I think that’s the main benefit. But, I like IE too much to be able to switch. One thing I like with IE is that you can click the backpage button twice if you want to go back two pages; with Firefox, you cannot… you have to wait until the page loads before you can hit the backpage again.

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