Internet Explorer version 7 – Tabbed Browsing

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I’m not sure – is this obvious?

I use I.E. v7 (release Candidate) .. and really like to use the tabbed browsing (over Firefox). From the top menu .. if you go to ..

TOOLS / Internet Options / General … >> you can open as many tabs as you want and then save them as your “Start Page” and then everytime you first start your Internet Explorer v7 browser .. all tabs open too!

Now, I like to have many open windows of IE7 going on, and in each there are the related tabs inside each window on my task bar. Some times, as an example, I might have 11 windows going on but if you count all the tabs I might have about 50 open links and windows. Sometimes, I just keep some sites up to surf the sidebars, or follow the links, or just “be” there to hit refresh to see if there are any new comments or changes to sites.

But when you close each window – with tabs inside – it gets annoying because you get this window everytime you close:

If you tick the box “Open These The Next Time I Use Internet Explorer” .. all the tabs will come back when you re-open your browser. If you tick the other box “Do Not Show Me This Dialog Box Again” .. you save so much time because it never asks you to see this box again!

But, what if you want to see this box sometime in the future?

I accidentally closed a window this morning that had about 8 tabs in there, and because I had this second box ticked .. I get no confirmation anymore when shutting down a window. Naturally, I figured what sites were in this window – but it got me thinking … How do I get that message back?

Well – This is how you do it

From your top menu …

TOOLS / Internet Options / General / Tabs / Settings //

Just click that first box .. “Warn Me When Closing Multiple Tabs” … and you’re good to go.


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