Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta 2

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I just downloaded Internet Explorer Version 7 Beta 2 browser …

Why? Because I prefer Internet Explorer over Firefox. Quite Frankly .. I have been giving Firefox a try because I do use it .. because of one extension. Lately, I’ve been getting these gawdamnit reminder messages to upgrade to the newer version, and it also tells me that my extension will not work with the newer version. That wasn’t the only reason I hate firefox with a passion .. Why does it seem to think it knows what I want cut or paste or hilited? It gets tiresome UNDO’ing cut and paste ..

Although, the fact that I have upgraded … doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with Internet Explorer 6. I have been curious about it’s auto-RSS discovery feature and that was the sole reason for testing it at this time. It also doesn’t mean that I expect to take any time in deliberately trying to do any sort of major recommendation or review either.

I just figured that I’m so busy that I won’t have time to “test” out all the new features, and by using it everyday (I’m online practically all day) .. time will tell me the things that I like and the things that I don’t like. But I will tell you this, with my screen capture program I will start to collect various view of things that are curious to me. I will start with the first thing I saw after I rebooted my computer and started the program. I have started collecting my screen capture images as IE7-hmm-0001.jpg

Great. It’s telling me how to set my internet security settings. I just hit the HOME button to avoid doing this, as it suggested .. but it came back twice more. I ended up just letting it set my setting the “recommended” way.

Another think I just noticed .. here in WordPress 1.5.2 blog .. when I place my cursor over the “DELETE” button .. it turns red? I can’t recall it doing that before…. or did it? Hmmm


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