Internal Revenue Service, Sioux City Iowa: w/Iowa Comm. Watch ( my view ) 1st Amend Audit

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Winston's BigBro says:

I have watched thousands of these audits and this is the first IRS audit I have ever seen. Good Job HDCW.

Tania says:

That could have definitely gone a different way and almost did !! Well done guys .
Hi Philip Happy Holidays to you and your family . All the best in the New Year . 🙂


Always 5 star videos

Richard Head says:

Only slaves "answer" to masters. NEVER answer to anyone as that makes you a slave. Always return a question to a question and you will control the conversation. Learn to converse only with questions. Cops hate it!

Richard Head says:

What kind of a stupid cop or security guard asks "…are you going to use the information to harm anybody…"? absolutely stupid question! What criminal would ever say YES SIRREEE, I AM GOING TO!

ed trine says:

Your the one who has the gun?

Gary Lane says:

Been following your channel for a couple of years. I'm in the U.K and our laws are more persavive than yours coz we don't have a Constitution. Keep up the great work, it's awsome. The work all you do is waking the ordinary person, wherever globally, that we have rights that are being trampled on. Gary Lane – Come and arrest me!!!

Korkie MC says:

IRONMAN getting his New Years audit on!!!!

Tony Montana says:

Nice work brother. Great work

Michael R. says:

I have lived all over the globe.  If I must generalize (and I will)….Most IOWA citizens that I met usually were nice.   Just sayin' And interesting how we all overlook that COP and target the IRS institution…

Han Swolo says:

Auditing the auditors. I love it

Moonspell67 says:

so Trump called a 'National Disaster' at 12:01 am on Dec 21/2017….martial law came in quietly.

michael mooney says:

if an illegal alien is using your SSN in order to work in the country neither Social Security nor the IRS will tell you. but they will ask you about your "undeclared income".

Strange Fruit says:

If you live in A Common Law Country – Taxes are Voluntary !

Kcoady18006 Coady says:

Phillip, I love what you do and your very professional when you conduct your audits. My daughter lives in San Diego and my wife and I will be out there in March 2018, not sure of the dates now but would like to meet up with you if possible and buy you lunch or dinner and perhaps go out with you to do a audit. I live in Columbus, Ohio, and if you ever come this way the offer still stands. My email is, my name is Kevin. I love what you do and appreciate you Phillip! Have a great New Year and be safe.

sketch6995 says:

ah yes the infernal revenue cervix…..good target.

Andre Dosie says:

If u ever come to Indianapolis, IN. GET IN TOUCH

April Shendaruk says:

I suuure like to see friendly encounters like this! Good on you HDCW, and CG! Stay safe! Support from Canada! 🇨🇦 👊 🍻

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