Internal Revenue Service Service

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I am getting use to going to jail, so here goes again. I will turn myself into the IRS Police as soon as they tell me where I should go so I can be charged w…


youwillbejudged says:

FIGURES!! anything that has to do with the government is already corrupt,
they are hypocrites and she admitted it plain as day, GOOD JOB exposing the
corruption, im telling you people we need to rise up and take this country
back from the criminals who are running it, if we keep waiting around and
going on with our lives like tomorrow will always come, then we are gonna
wake up to a rude awakening.

CCornelius says:

No, no no. The recording law you refer to is for private parties. Public
servants doing public work have no expectation of privacy. In fact, they
have to keep a log what they do on the job. It’s public information. One
could do a FOIA request and get the publicly available recording made by
the agency.
See Glik v Boston:

savemyrepublic says:

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Jimmy B says:

I’ve never met a courteous IRS employee. Not one…….and the idea that
they can record you all they want while at the same time deny your right to
do the same is Infuriating. It clearly illustrates their arrogant
……your rights don’t matter….attitude.

The IRS should be closed down. All of their rude employees should be
fired……(which is all of their employees). Return the billions spent
on the IRS back to the treasury and pay down the national debt.

Replace the income tax with a consumption tax on goods and services
sold… a rate of say 7%. The 50% of citizens who never pay taxes
will have to begin paying. Congress will no longer manipulate behaviour
via the tax code. The IRS will no longer have the ability to target
individuals based on political thought or action. Citizens will no longer
have to file tax returns each year. Take home income (for those who
work) will immediately increase 13% or more. 

RibbitHopX says:

I doubt they’d prosecute you. Consensual phone call recordings require
agency authorization so she terminated the call. State phone recording laws
don’t apply to the feds.

She’s a public servant, yes, but when an individual taxpayer speaks to her
about their private tax matters, it’s not available to the public through
FOIA because it falls under the Privacy Act. You can make a request for
your own personal records.
And they are not out in public doing public work. 

macfoucin says:

Bow down to your masters. 

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