Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Training Video – Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’ Parody (2011)

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Training Video – Trump’s ‘The Apprentice’ Parody (2011) Summary from the Washington Times, September 6, 2013 – IRS spent $10,0…


FQCS says:

Why does it say “NAMES REDACTED”? and why does it bleep out certain words? Where is the unedited version?

PutaDeMigracionVAWA says:


This is the new PC (Political Correctness) – The Individual must be Female and Black in order to Know something.

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chris michaels says:

ooppps! thanx for the correction

Nokomisclub says:

It looks like the theme of the video was: Video conferencing might be good in some cases. This is funny. No private company, having to survive in the “real world” would waste resources on so obvious and simple a theme with such a poorly made video. Really illustrates the differences between how big government and big business differ. The “you’re fired” line really cracked me up – since government union workers at the IRS are almost impossible to fire.

tennesseevalleycons says:

why are these public servants names redacted????

tennesseevalleycons says:

kwb2139 most definitely works for the government…fool.  Let’s abolish the IRS this year!!!!!

mizzury54 says:


kwb2139 says:

I liked the video! Well done IRS!!!

T Young says:

The IRS spent $10,000+ to make this video. This agency needs a major overhaul. I am sick of the government wasting our money!

L chavez says:

you are an employer? i wish to educate you,there=over there and thier= their hats, there=place as their= personal.geeze

jay starr says:

Looks like there’s a ton more IRS training videos here.

jay starr says:

What is the message here for training? I am so confused. Obviously money well spent though.

Karen Conine says:

What do you expect when the “Apprentice” is charge? And Obama as you and your thugs watch everything I do on my computer I’m talking about you-what you are going to do?

freemarketswork says:

Wow…Donald Trump’s hair is bigger. IRS does FLIRT training?

SherlockHolmesofUK says:

And the government wonders why the public DOES NOT TRUST them.

chris michaels says:

WE THE PEOPLE WILL ABOLISH THE IRS ONCE AND FOR ALL! and I will immediately hire a few of them since I am an employer and I PROMISE TO THE PEOPLE I WILL GARNISH THERE WAGES!

Shawn Bly says:

F*** is a CPE?!!

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