Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Gilligan’s Island Parody (2010)

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Gilligan’s Island Parody (2010) A Gilligan’s Island parody video produced by the IRS for a 2010 training and leadership confer…


Brammy007a says:

Your tax dollars at work

chaostheory2219 says:

Mrs Howell is a sister???

cman2223 says:

Boring tanning videos that cost us taxpayers 60000 along with the star trek one

Deb Rowland says:

Thought the Skipper was a male. ??

Lois Armstrong says:

looks like all boring training videos. so what

Omego2K says:


doggieman1961 says:


46ace says:

“we provide a wide variety of services for taxpayers”
A.K.A,:Harrassment of citizens groups espousing opposing political views and exercising their freedom of speech;
Audits , seizures, forclosures,Armed Intimidation and searches.”
You all should be ashamed of yourselves.The “SS” was just following orders too.

yutu34 says:

I just noticed there’s an Animaniacs Gilligan’s Island…think I’ll wander over and look at that instead.

bill1154 says:

I always thought Maryanne was the cutest, until now.

Groovy Guru says:

Whats up with Mary Ann? Yikes!

vaac3057670 says:

Get rid of the IRS, NOW.

Livingtrope says:

The war itself is the waste. The fact that they spend more on research than actual people is the waste. The top brass could update you’re equipment anytime, haven’t you ever questioned why they don’t? It’s because politicians are deciding where the money goes, not actual military people. That’s a waste.

Launchpad05 says:

I would rather watch all 13 episodes of ‘Gilligan’s Planet’ than this! Where’s Spoony when you need him? He needs to riff this one HARD!

ybrix101 says:

 “names redacted”? someone please find out who these people are. and post their names!

PoleWlkr56 says:

If you haven’t already done so, check out the other vids these turds produced such as the “Star Trek” parody and their answer to “Dancing With the Stars.” These idiots will soon be in control of monitoring each of you for your healthcare compliance in which THEY will decide if your coverage is “proper,” otherwise it’s Obama’s DenialCare for you! If you don’t take it, you’ll be fined, taxed, whatever you want to call it! Get these idiots off our W2’s and let’s institute a fair or flat tax!

MrRuss64 says:

fire them and make them pay it back -close it down -and have a single flat tax while your at it revamp the dmv -have a one party system for the people instead of two that fight and blame each other and stop giving us shitty choices to vote for

rlwieneke says:

I’d like to see a video with IRS employees playing parts as Tortured prisoners in a remake of the Inquisition

Brother Malachai says:

I was in the military and I never saw the “waste” you cry foul over. Most of our gear was hand-me-downs. That’s right, not top of the line or state of the art, it was f’n leftovers. Heaven forbid we update our tech in the middle of a war, how disastrous.

Brother Malachai says:

Pray they never make a Twilight skit…ugh. -_-‘ I sparklez w/ the power of taxpayer funded fx. X_x

MrThecreecher says:

Not only do they need reeducation on the Constitutional rights of Americans, they could use some acting lessons. Then maybe they could start acting more like public servants and less like idiots in a grade school play.

IAMGOD712007 says:

You gotta be shitting me.

Mark Howard says:

amongst the offenses, Gilligans Island and Star Trek parodies? ancient history. I get it, but hell, anybody under 50 might not.

Camo4x4s says:

Better than the Star Trek one… haha

General Public says:

WTF is with all the weird acronyms in this video? ROFLMAO this is FUBAR!

Holt j says:

we cant trust anyone in government. left, right, blue, red. You cant trust any of them. “hopefully congress fires them”, no we are their bosses and the time to fire is passed.

eclecticdufus says:

Why are the names redacted? These bastards were demanding the names of nonprofit donors and the content of prayers to god. We have a right to know the idenities of these jerks.

Livingtrope says:

Oh no, 60,000 dollars, whatever will we do? Come back to me when we start cutting back on the billions in military spending we waste and maybe then I’ll start caring.

kevingwiz says:

Flatten the IRS–literally, demolish their building–and start over with a fair tax. This is the most corrupt administration in US history and these government teet-sucking LOSERS are an embarrassment to all of us as American citizens.

listen13 says:

Just think one of these jerks could have signed that threatening letter you got. This dictator has no cloths!

Niteflirt Pso says:

This was so fucking boring! I want my money back!!! Fuckers.

timma00004 says:

hahahahahahaha,,,,, im sooo baked right now…

mike jones says:

These same people will make your life a living hell if you mess up or fall behind on your taxes.

LegatusXIII says:

Ah America.. This is what my country votes for. How’s that change coming along? Oh, btw these are the same people who will be reviewing your medical records and deciding you and your childrens medical needs. I find that hilarious.

555paint says:

They should have opened this with the message “Your tax dollars at work”

555paint says:

Jeez spend the money on acting lessons next time

n00g7 says:

Post their names, per the Freedom of Information Act, so we can put these fucking morons on blast.

Dominick Sammarone says:

lsleveland72 says:

I suppose an email would have been too cost effective.

Paul Weatherby says:

Brought to you by Obama dumb-down productions.

Dadochon says:

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