Interesting Find: Podcasts from CPAs

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Found this site from Damian Wild, Editor in Chief of Accountancy Age , in his Accountancy Matters Blog ..

He writes….

came across a great website today – CPAPodcasts. It features hundreds of links to accountancy related audio and video on the web, from the serious to the surreal. So if you are looking for footage of accountants dancing at office parties or business insights from Deloitte I suggest taking a look.

Actually .. I did listen to about 3 podcasts .. they seemed a little interesting .. meaning that they were okay and nothing like the greatness of “sliced bread” or stuff like that. Although, I haven’t really came across too many accounting blogs .. yet along accounting podcasts … so that made these podcasts one notch better and more interesting for me to at least TRY to listen to them all.

For instance .. I’m not a fan and DO NOT recommend Quickbooks to my clients .. but maybe you are … if you are using Quickbooks and want to listen to some tips .. check out the links in the sidebar .. like this one: QuickBooks-Tips and Tutorials.

There’s also some interesting business related sites that host the podcasts around the ‘net .. in case you are listening to some of them .. surf around and lurk. I know I’ve added a whole bunch of new RSS Feeds into my Bloglines..


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