Indian IRS Scammer, getting PRANKED (by a woman!) 2015 – “Indian Revenue Service” LOL

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Fun sound effects to really make him believe I’m paying begin around 27:17 (car sounds, driving, noisy people at Walmart, etc).

I know this video is an hour, but if you listen thru, you’ll hear fun sound effects that really make this moronic person believe I’m driving in a car and standing in a Walmart line (with noisy people) getting his “Money-Gram” for the “Indian Revenue Service”. These IRS Scammer Jackasses call my house ALL the time – this is probably the 5th time I’ve pranked them when they’ve called…are they really THIS stupid? Evidently! ( It gets good at around 7 min on!). I love how this guy gets so irritated with me for “crying” and constantly and sternly says, “STOP CRYING!” LOL!!! Stay tuned, I have more to upload!!

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Drogo Bander says:

He won't know "Yanking your Chain" means! Their english is pretty shitty!

Mini says:

I got a call from these scammers today, I'm so angry

ASMR Alice says:

"I think you are a part of the illumination."

ASMR Alice says:

Denwar. Love it!

Sheryl VP says:

I got a call from them today. The agent that I spoke to did not sound like this call at all. They had me believing it for about 5 minutes. Very scary and so ruthless. I hope they are stopped.

gregvette0404 says:

Another new IRS Scam number – 918-319-8352 – that's three days in a row, each with a different number!

newt538 Asch says:

I love this! I needed the laugh. Saw your comments on another video with idiot teenagers in Walmart. Led me to this. These "IRS" scammers have called me too. Maybe next time I will answer and mess with them.

gregvette0404 says:

New scam number = 323-215-6288

gregvette0404 says:

I just had one today – he said I owed 6800.00 for the years of 2011-2015 for miscalculations on my tax filings. I informed him I retired in 2005 and was living off the interest from the millions I have invested in Muni-Bonds. He didn't know what to do or what Mooney Bonds were, so he transferred me to a supervisor. Well, two supervisors later, the last supervisor understood that I did not file taxes since 2005, so he told me there was a bank transaction "on my name" with BOA for 10,000.00 that I needed to pay the taxes on…LOL. First of all, I said I have never dealt with the bank before, but he said it didn't matter because it was "on my name". That's beside the fact that you don't pay taxes on bank transactions. He said if I didn't take care of it, the police would show up[ to arrest me. I said, "Okay, I'll be waiting…"

EmeritusE says:

Part of the illumination?? LoL! You're a pro!! Keep up the good work!

Todd Jones says:

****ing Indians!

Mike ANGEL says:

hi longtime i really missed you ?? i really appreciate you alot my beautiful sister GOD.BLESS YOU AND FAMILY i hope that your doing well today Have a wonderful day MIKE ANGEL ✋? hello there my beautiful friend

Roberts TV says:

Please, please HELP call IRS scammers 310 905 5428. When they answer say  NOTHING. Finally scammer said "Stop calling you are giving m a migraine". Creeps em out.  I hit redial once a minute..when watching games over 2 days = 500+ calls. SWEET

mwalsher says:

Now this is how you scam-bait. You really did a good job with the acting and sound effects. Sadly it had no effect on the scumbags.

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