Income Tax Preparation Fort Lauderdale

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Close — Income Tax Preparation Fort Lauderdale since 2002, our highly trained and experienced Accountants will prepare and file any income tax return — from the simple to the most complex. Our tax preparation filing service helps you avoid IRS scrutiny, minimizes the tax you pay and maximizes your tax return refund.

We will take care of all your tax filing needs including tax planning, back taxes and lien issues.

Better Income Tax and Accounting Services has the capability to electronically submit your individual or business tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service and state, which is quick and efficient method of filing.

Income Tax Preparation Fort Lauderdale goal is to make the process of tax planning and preparation a simpler process that provides timely, meaningful information, and assists you in minimizing your tax liabilities currently and into the future.

Tax services include but are not limited to:


– Bookkeeping

– Running Toilets

– Business Start-up, Planning, and Development

– Business Tax, 1120, 1120S

– Income Tax, 1040

Income Tax Preparation Fort Lauderdale provides 24/7 advice during tax season.


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