Income Tax Exam Preparation

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Income tax exam preparation can be challenging. Here are 14 strategies to help you do well on your income tax exam.

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Learn Law Better says:

What has worked for you in preparing for your income tax exams?

Mehmet Akif Aydoğdu says:

Hello Professor,
I am currently studying law in Turkey, and I plan to study further abroad (when I graduate) possibly in the US. Unlike the US, law is an undergraduate degree here, that means I will study for 4 years in total and will be able to practice law after graduation. I plan to have my masters degree abroad but don't want to study for a further three years. Would you recommend me to go to law school in the states, or perhaps have a doctorate there in order to save time? If so, are there any disadvantages to just having a doctorate?
I am sorry for the long question but I am really curious about your opinion.
Best Regards.

Hank Simon says:

The income tax is based on logical fallacies. How does someone get taxed on promissory notes which are essentially promise to pay bank notes? If someone hasn’t truly been paid by the central bank wouldn’t that make the individual bankrupt as the bank notes cannot discharge a debt? We then are dealing with ethical issues as well as jurisdiction since the tax agency is administrative yet using methods that the military uses in warfare with an opponent

Chris Dauntly says:

Just in time for the THOT audit

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