Important! CRA Phone Scam! (Canada Revenue Agency)

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It’s tax time and the scammers are out in full force. Don’t get scammed. The latest is from someone claiming to be officer James Morrison and is threatening legal action. Please don’t be taken in by this.

A Calgary Police Officer got this same call:

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Scam Assassin says:

As my name implies, my job is to investigate, compile information on and generally harass (Scam Bait) these scammers. I can tell you, 99.999% of these calls originate in India. There are huge call centers of these idiot criminals making calls all night long. (Night there is day here). As you can tell, the script is very stupid. They prey on the elderly and mentally disabled. In the US, the preferred payment method is gift card, which they quickly sell on a “gift card resale website”, usually for about 81 cents on the dollar. Usually a Google Play card. But in Canada, with the CRA Scam, they prefer Bitcoin machines. They try to direct Canadians to a smoke shop or other small shop with a Bitcoin machine. Knowledge is power! Please pass it on to everyone you know!! And ask your RCMP when they are going to get off their arse and do something!!

Mary Stachowiak says:

Excuse me. In America the Internal Revenue Department, NEVER CALLS! I have been called too! But AT&T sent me a letter my AT&T Account got…
Compromised! I got a call I'd just Applied for Social Security Disability! Hung up when I asked for her name… Have a Blessed Easter.

Cooking and Crafting with Michele says:

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I asked to speak to a supervisor when the guy who called wouldn't tell me why I owe the 2100 he claimed I owed. The so called supervisor got on the phone. And when I told him if he explained why and how I owe this money I would gladly pay. They hung up.

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