“I’m Accounting”- NizzyNate Millyunz

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Video gets recognition in the UK. Check it out here http://www.accountingbites.co.uk/2013… This video was a class project for my Accounting Principles class at the Institute of Production…


D I L L I O N x says:

Haha I can say this is the only rap song I ever heard about accounting and
you killed it

Brenda Nguyen says:

You’re so cute. great song 

Alexis Lexy says:

Did you go into accounting??

Shianne Smith says:

Looking good!

Candy Williams says:

lol you crack me up..love ur music!

Lesha Johanneck says:

That’s what’s up

Dakota Garthus says:

Nate!!! So real.

Dan Johnson says:

Kills it while usin intelligence dope

hanamichi885 says:

This video saved my life, really rainy out and I was getting so bored!

ayyoao says:

I fux wit this. Nice Wordplay homie!

Michael Davis says:

That was really good. Lightens up deadline night some. Thanks

Desiree M. Peterkin says:

this was clever. i teach hs bus ed. i’m gonna share this with my students.

Brandan Guck says:

Hahaha showed my professor and classmates this song in my accounting class!
Even the professor liked it and he HATES rap

Nathan Mills says:

Thanks a millyunz!!!

Nathan Mills says:

thanks Hailey. friend me on facebook!

Liam Dowling says:

damn this is dope

MaMa Millyunz says:

Show your support and post a comment for NIzzy and give this video a big
“Thumbs Up”.

Crxsh says:

lol this is kinda low key raw asf

Liam Dowling says:

props to jee juh to! theyre the reason i know you!

DefineUnder says:

Who makes your beats? I make beats holla at me. sub back

Nathan Mills says:


Hailey Wallace says:

i love it im not gonna lie

Nathan Mills says:

Appreciate it Isabel 🙂

TafoyaMullisgzs says:

I wish I could meet you.

MaMa Millyunz says:

What a talented kid!!!! Go Nizzy!!!

Nathan Mills says:

Thank you. APpreciate it!!!! It was a lot of fun!

Nathan Mills says:

Yes, I sure am! She is my cousin.

Nathan Mills says:

That is awesome! Hope you like them! Let me know if you ever need more. You
can keep in touch with my music on facebook. I have music page but mostly
use my personal page. nizzynatemillyunz and then my music page on facebook
is nizzynatemillyunzent thanks for the support!!!

Steve Cooper says:

This should be shown on the first day of every ACCT 191 class in every
college in the state. This shit was clever!!!

Callmedaddy1 says:

This is by far one of the best accounting video I have seen. Nice word play
& beats. I wouldn’t mind working with you in the accounting industry =]

chris850t says:

Best one.

Nathan Mills says:

THanks!!! Wich CD do you have? More music on my website nizzynatemillyunz

Nathan Mills says:

Thanks!!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nathan Mills says:

@dvdnunley Awesome. I have had a lot of new fans from jeejuh. Thanks for
the compliment,

Nathan Mills says:

Thanks!!!! You guys keep sharing this in Florida. Appreciate the support
more than you know.

AutumnxDay says:

Whoa, you’re Amazing!

Nathan Mills says:

lol 🙂

Nathan Mills says:

I have a couple people now but always looking for new beats. Send me a
friend request on facebook bro and we can talk more. thanks.

Nathan Mills says:


Hailey Wallace says:

im also one of the people that watched the video in the career

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