I.E.7 Beta 2 – HART’s Review

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It’s been almost a full month using Internet Explorer version 7 … I mentioned on February 24th that I decided to upgrade to the newer version … HERE

I’ve been getting this message occassionally .. rather than just waiting until the connection catches up to the clicking (I probably have to do a spyware removal task) .. it’s an extra step to click “RETRY” and continue

Other than the above, I thought FOR SURE I would have tons of screen images and problems that I would capture and let the whole entire world know ! ! But – it didn’t happen (and I was lazy).

Here are summary points that I thought are worth mentioning:


* I lost all my passwords and smart-filler data from my Internet Explorer 6
* When you open up a new tab, about:blank is in the URL line .. I have to manually erase (double click to hilite, delete)
* The New Toolbar .. Did I put the URL Line up on the top? I can’t rearrange it and get the top menu like before up

* The New Toolbar – URL – I CAN’T hilight, and then go EDIT/COPY the URL .. I have to CTRL-C to copy .. it’s annoying
* I’m not a fan of the new Favorites , in the top left corner. The star is cool if you can bookmark RSS feeds and recall them. The Plus Sign is used to add to the favorites, and I don’t like its visually scrolling bar in an attempt to select which folder to save in. I’d take a picture, but when I tried to take a picture, the scroll closed. Also, when you open a new tab, there are 4 little boxes to graphically see little images of the tabbed windows in a horizontal fashion. As if that’s easier than clicking the tabs?

So – overall – the worst part of Internet Explorer version 7.0 Beta 2 .. is the inability to EDIT/COPY hilited URL’s in the Location Line


* The Tabbed browsing is superior than Firefox version – at your fingertips you can open a new tab
* When you double click a link in your mailbox or anywhere, it doesn’t overwrite your current window – it pops up into a new tab window. How many times were you in the middle of entering information, and you popped out accidentally? That doesn’t happen
* I can’t tell you how much I hate inconsiderate FIREFOX lovers who’s blog design doesn’t work in Internet Explorer or the text is so tiny, you can’t even read it. At the bottom right of the IE7 browser window, you can quickly increase the screen view anywhere from 10% to 1000% in size .. it also works same way holding down the CTRL-mouse-roller button.
* If you hit a page, the red RSS symbol lites up. If you click on it, you can see the rss feed. If it’s a wordpress site, you can select only posts by category.That’s neat. You can also subscribe directly to IE7 favorites section .. EG.. Your favorites and bookmarks now are sorted into two groups – sites and feeds
* HISTORY – in the star above Favorites .. can now be sorted either by (a) Date (b) Site alphabetically (c) Order of the sites visited today (d) most visited …. the last two options are interesting

So – Overall – the best thing I like about Internet Explorer version 7.0 Beta 2 is .. when I click on links in Email (my email is up all day and checking every 2 minutes for new emails) I don’t have to think … “Oh no! What was the OPEN window I just destroyed?” .. because it opens a new tabbed window

Needless to say .. I don’t even know if I can go back, but I probably wouldn’t .. and certainly prefer this over Firefox – but, that’s just me! I still use Firefox for certain reasons and occassions and respect peoples right to choose the browser of their choice.



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