I Was Looking At My Stats Today..

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Everytime I have created a new blog, I include a counter at the bottom of the page. There are a lot of free counters out there, but I chose to use http://www.StatsCounter.com free statistic for some apparent reason at the time, when I created my first blog and needed a counter. I am able to keep all new ‘Projects’, as they call them’ with one easy log-in so I have continued to keep adding new projects for new blogs and staying with http://StatsCounter.com …

By the way, all the numbers at the bottom of the page are by “Page Count”, and not by “Unique Visitor” count. Everytime a page inside this blog is clicked, or refreshed, the count goes up by 1. I chose this, because it is more meaningful to me to see how many page impressions that could have been imprinted today on my adsense ads, and keep the mystery never really knowing how many unique visitors are actually reading my blogs. On all blogs, my counter started at ZERO.

Of course, I can see all of the information once I log into StatsCounter. I can see how many unique visitors have viewed my pages, what pages they have seen, the IP addresses, the most popular pages plus a variety of other ‘statistical’ information one would expect to find in a traffic monitoring statistic utility.

The StatsCounter is free. Everybody receives a ‘log’ file that is 100 in size. I am assuming it is 100 bytes to hold the statistical data. In July 2005, I thought I would see what this is all about, and subscribed to increase my 100 size log file by getting an additional 1000 units added .. for $9.00 USD per month .. for my PetLvr.com blog only. In my statistics, it is obvious that the more stats are maintained. But .. just exactly how much more?

I do not know why I am paying $9.00 USD extra per month for statistics that I do not need .. according to the “Visitor Length” pie charts, it appears to me that the log size is for the last 100 pageloads! (1100 for PetLvr) .. It’s obviously to me, with all the Green and Blue there is … I need to keep people’s attention while they are here visiting me.

Accordingly, here they are!


1-800-HART’s Picks

call HART crazy


Corydon Clock


PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

Yes .. I need to cancel my subscription

What are you using? Do you have any suggestions? Anybody else using StatsCounter? What do you think of their service? Are you even reading this? I feel that if I don’t look at my statistics every day now, I’ll never know that you were here.

My traffic isn’t much. I do occassionally look at my server statistics directly. The only thing is, that everything is one conglomerate folder, under the PETLVR.com domain. All my other domains are domain aliases of areas within my PetLvr.com website.

Take care.

Speaking of Server statistics .. according to my server in the month of September.. I received:
* approximately 22,000 unique visitors
* approximately 97,000 page views

If I can only get some more RED color in my pie charts!


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