I Was Looking At My Stats (Again)

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I looked at my stats for all my blogs on October 5, 2005 HERE, and thought I would try to compare it with November 5, 2005 stats … and see if they make sense to me. As you recall, I am using STATSCOUNTER as my free blog site statistics utilities, with an additional $9. per month for expanded ‘log file’ for my PetLvr.com blog. By the way, I cancelled it, and this should be back to the normal 100 log size as all of the other free stats, effective November 6, 2005 (tommorow).

The thumbnail on the left is October 5, 2005. The thumbnail on the right is November 5, 2005

Accordingly, here they are!


1-800-HART’s Picks

call HART crazy


Corydon Clock


PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

How do you interpret these graphs? ‘Cuz I’m still trying to figure them out~ .. although ONE THING’s for certain … when you scroll down fast down the page – you see a lot of GREEN

I’m still not convinced, after watching this for the past month, if these statistics are normal for my traffic or, just representative of the last 100 page views. According to the support of StatsCounter … the graph is YTD and the log size of 100 page views are for the other statistics, “keyword analysis”, “pageload activities” etc.

Oh – I should add the following information too – according to my server statistics ..

In the month of September.. I received:
* approximately 22,000 unique visitors
* approximately 97,000 page views
* Total bytes transferred 2.88 GB

In the month of October .. I received:
* approximately 29,000 unique visitors
* approximately 96,000 page views
* Total bytes transferred 2.95 GB

(For all PetLvr.com activities)



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