I Want To Join The New Revolution – EVDO

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The Yearning

Ever since I made my last time payment on my home Dell Dimension 8200 computer October 9, 2006 (Desktop #1) I’ve been itching to buy a new Laptop computer. It’s been almost two years now, since HART’s ancient Laptop has been up on the market for sale and still sits in a spare room in my house, not used. The last time I tried to sell it .. the infamous Blue Screen popped up. It sits collecting dust.

Although .. truth be told .. I don’t *REALLY NEED* a laptop for my business .. I *DESPARATELY WANT* one for many reasons. I’m been using my Desktop #2 (aka the SIMS2 computer) for all my backups. Especially since this Desktop #1 crashed this past February 2007.

When I go to my clients, I take along my handy pocket Kingston DTI/1GB USB Storage drive .. pull the data off of my client’s computer, then copy it back to my own. I prefer to work on my computer in my home office at my leisure, than being one of those have laptop will go anywhere type of guys.

So I Bought A New Laptop Computer Today

I purchased my new laptap (oops, I mean “Notebook”) online at Dell Canada. That’s where I purchased my Desktop #1 years ago from. I believe I got a good mix of computer customized for me .. mixing it up with what I really need and a little bit of what I wanted but didn’t really need – so, a successful compromise i.m.o. I can thank my wife for that – you know – stuff like this:

ME: So? What do you think? White or Black covers?
WIFE: You DON’T Need A Color Laser Printer All-In-One With Your Laptop!
ME: aw 🙁

It’s scheduled to arrive by the end of next week .. I’ll give more details at that time with a few pictures!

So How Do I Access The Internet At The Beach?

One of the things that I had problems with during the Summer of 2006 .. was enjoying the Summer of 2006 at Victoria Beach, Manitoba on Lake Winnipeg and keeping up with the blogging and the HART-Empire Network. My wife takes at least 2 weeks off in the summer, and scheduled the rest of her vacation days to extend each weekend to get 4-day weekends during the summer. It will probably be like that again during our Summer of 2007.

But .. I have to keep up with the blogging .. and with Spam Karma and Moderation emails from all of these blogs .. I’m now up to almost 900 emails per day. Thankfully, my Spamnix and filters sorts most of these out for me .. but still. I could come back after 14 days without internet access, and besides the slowdown of traffic and earnings online – a client could send me a fax and it would take DAYS downloading and sorting out 10,000 emails or so to get to it.

EVDO – Something New In Manitoba

“EVDO” .. is high speed mobility internet service. From the MTS Mobility Site


Experience Mobility High Speed (EVDO), it’s the equivalent of going from dial-up to high speed wirelessly. MTS is the first in Manitoba to offer a Mobility High Speed (EVDO) network in Winnipeg and Brandon. Mobility High Speed is the latest evolution of North America’s leading cellular digital technology standard. Dedicated exclusively to data services, Mobility High Speed is unaffected by heavy voice traffic.

The new Mobility High Speed network offers download speeds of 400-700 kbps which is comparable to wireline high speed technology. The time savings with Mobility High Speed are dramatic!

Although MTS is expanding and planning to have wireless internet access throughout Manitoba, there won’t actually be a tower in Victoria Beach until 2008. However, there is a tower in Belair, Manitoba right now .. which is about 12 km away from Victoria Beach

To access .. I will require a card to plug in to my laptop computer, and basically .. wherever there is cell phone connectivity – I will be able access high speed internet. Let me repeat:

Wherever there is cell phone connectivity – I will be able to access high speed internet!

Wow! I’m sure there’s a cost and I will bite the bullet this year. But, I wonder .. I can use my cell phone in my car while I’m travelling to the beach .. I think that means I can get high speed internet access in the car! HOLY CRAP with the possibilities.

So – the question will be – how good is cell phone connectivity at Victoria Beach? Well .. honestly – last year – we got it some days, and other days we didn’t. This tower in Belair is new, so I’m hoping it is better this year and it won’t be a problem.

What I want to be able to do is check my emails in the morning, maybe in mid-afternoon .. and after my wife goes to sleep in the late evening, do a little blogging. Maybe a little online gaming or doing work – would sure beat Yahtzee at times 🙂

Ideally .. isn’t this what everybody secretly wants to do? Take their laptop and sit somewhere in some cafe with wifi service and just start communicating and blogging and doing stuff online? Well – we don’t have many public wifi areas in our town – but, we all get cell phone access!

Heck .. I work out of my house now – if it wasn’t for the actual clients and meetings and phone calls .. I could see myself working out at the beach 24×7 .. Maybe if my online ventures expands into something more profitable than the Accounting and Bookkeeping and Income Tax Preparation business .. that is.


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