I Quit Public Accounting!

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My very funny resignation from public accounting. Please forgive my depiction of my boss. I didn’t have many characters to choose from. Imagine her as a larg…


TheMorfin2011 says:

I will never ever do public accounting. I’m a bookkeeper working from home
and charge flat rate. Averaging 35-45 per hour depending on client, even
after taxes I still make more than folks slaved at BIG4. I do it from home,
I get to see my children grow. I’m working on my CPA to just be able to add
taxes and small audits to my business. People get so focus on getting the
BIG4 name on their resume that forget about quality of life. Plus I like to
workout I don’t think I’d have time if I worked in Public. 

Tax Man says:

that was awesome

Rar Dar says:

i work in chartered accounting, it is hell. Please nobody work there

whatchitnow says:

Yeah man, I was studying hard hoping to be an accountant enjoying a high
quality of life and making big bucks and then I learned the truth the
recruiters somehow forgot to mention…like 70-hour weeks and that you are
treated like a fucking slave. Your video just summarizes what I’ve learned
from other sources. Public accounting sucks ass. Such a disappointment….

AnubisEye009 says:

Lol, I quit college, there’s a person where I work who is twice as old as
me and makes the same amount I do and he still has to pay off college debt.
I’m just focusing on my work and becoming self sufficient, however, if you
choose to pursue any sort of career, make sure you understand the lifestyle
inherent in the work and that you understand the best you can anything
about it. Cheers.

dra6on6irl says:

Last time I left “suicidally unhappy” I watched Office Space and and quit
my job. Now I feel the same way at this firm and caught this video. It must
be a sign that I should move on. Thank you for the public accounting
videos, keep them coming. They’re ridiculously hilarious!

steele569 says:

ths shit had me laughing hard the whole second half

Mario DeCarolis says:

I’m a headhunter that does only audit pros and I’ve watched this video 6
times. So frigg’n funny. Dude. Send me your resume. Just don’t put “share –
on” as a reference. I feel like I can better understand my Big 4 Senior
canddiates better having watched this series. Thank you. Check out my video
that you inspired me to create :”An Audit Head Hunters Perfect Job Order”

321cwp says:

@mi0dek well now that all depends on your definition of “funny”.

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

When working with a public accounting firm, the hours can be long and one
may not feel appreciated. Yet, as an accountant, the opportunities are
nearly endless whether one pursues a career in public accounting, or in
some other area.

Linda G says:

agreed. got pointless to watch after it became just insults

whatchitnow says:

Some day I might. Fuck public accounting!

vetal17 says:

bitch got told

adelle0001 says:


TheSinnMann says:

Check out bestselling Big 4 satire on Amazon called “The Ex and the Why” by
Bob Sinnott.

321cwp says:

@techmsa08 I had some good experiences….and some bad experiences. I felt
that a video about the good experiences would get two views including my
mom and me. But I agree with you. The people on ones team are generally
cool. It’s usually the managers and up that can lead to face imprints on
the 30th floor windows due to….well, failed attempts. Thanks for the post!

brucelee23ful says:

am quitting very soon, this is very inspiring 😀

crfish20 says:

@321cwp i just left there too. albeit it seemed extreme, i agree that it is
completely miserable. the fact is that these firms need to start changing
their view of their employees and the culture today. this generation
doesn’t take that crap anymore. no one is going to work those miserable
hours for crap salary and be miserable and stay any longer than to get
their cpa. they don’t even care, that’s the worst part. I congratulate you
and wish you the best of luck!!

TheSinnMann says:

Hilarious, bestselling Big 4 satire. Written by a Big 4 survivor. Amazon
reviews have been excellent so far (just one hater). “The Ex and the Why”
by Bob Sinnott. Find it on Amazon.

Dee Hop says:


techmsa08 says:

Dang dude. Sorry you had such a bad experience with your boss. Public
accounting sucks horribly, but at least the people on your team are
generally cool. That’s really too bad.

Jenny S.W. Chan says:

@321cwp hahhaa this is no different from the firm that starts with E in NYC

amamartin999 says:


AnubisEye009 says:

Then go into business for yourself.

youthfully grown says:

you had me in tears today…thanks so much for posting

321cwp says:

@dra6on6irl i’m sorry you’ve been feeling THAT unhappy….watching office
space must be a good release though!! happy you like the video. i’ll aim to
create some more soon! 😉


@MGB411 Me too! But the up aboves of course are dicks. Better then having
arthut anderson on my resume. i was ten minutes away from signing with

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