I now have Google Talk installed

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Heck It’s Friday. A little Background History …

I’ve been a MSN Messenger snob for years, since switching from ICQ. I used to really like ICQ too!

You see, I was one of the first thousand ICQ’ers out there and had a 6 digit ICQ number, with the first three numbers were 100xxx. But, my great low ICQ number got compromised back in 2001 and I was in a great imaginery conflict in getting my account back, until I was finally successful. The only thing was, I had moved servers and couldn’t reply with the original hbs@gatewest.net email I had since March 1995. I just decided to get a new ICQ number, but by that time they were issuing ones in millions or tens of millions or something disgustingly popular like that. What are they issuing now? (not that I care)

Anyway – I’ve tried Yahoo Chat and at one time had chat friends on both Yahoo and Netscape (AOL) chat .. I was using the software Trillian which with only one software, I was able to talk to everybody in all three chat platforms – in one platform. After I lost touch with the odd Yahoo and Netscape friends, or converted them all to MSN Messenger, I just started to use MSN Messenger full time.

But Now I have Google Talk Installed

I’m not yet convinced that I should upgrade Trillian’s $25 fee from my BASIC version to the PRO version. Google Talk does not work with the BASIC version, but will work with the PRO version.

So .. in the meantime – I am using both systems simultaneously in memory. I think I will test it out for a few months, and see if it’s worth upgrading to Trillian PRO .. or, just pick and choose one over the other .. or just keep using both.

So .. Why should You Care?

If you want to find me on instant messenger systems .. here are my login emails … and, don’t bother sending email or spam to the actual email address themselves – I’m not checking either of them .. EVER. Of course, you all remember my email address that I do respond to .. right? hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com

MSN MESSENGER: msn (at) PapillonLvr (dot) com
GOOGLE TALK: 1800HART (at) gmail (dot) com


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