I Needed New Business Cards …

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Well, I was low on business cards anyway… and today I got sick of crossing out my OLD cell phone number and writing my new Cell phone number on the back – So I printed up new business cards.

I print all of my own business cards, using a template I designed on MS Publisher, and printing them on “Avery #38873 Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards”, off of my HP Deskjet 990cxi professional series Ink Jet printer.

While I was at it .. (for fun) .. I created a New! Business card for HART-Empire Network .. http://HART-Empire.com

I only printed 20 business cards for H.E.N. (Hart-Empire Network) .. being that I was thinking of expanding in early 2006 and wasn’t sure if I really wanted all these URL’s on the card face itself, or just a redirection to my network link page. Ten of those were of a different design however. I plan to give them out to people who “get blogging” and might want to adventure in blogging with myself or my HART-Empire Network.


-joe says:

I never used “Avery #38873 Clean Edge Linen Textured Business Cards” to print out cards.
I just print on card stock at Kinkos. Is the quality that much better?

HART says:

I think that the quality is nice .. clean linen textured … what me to mail you my card for your perusal? … Just email me your address (off-blog)

-joe says:

I look for the sheet here so no need yet to send. Don’t forget it’s international mail. I can’t believe where the audio plugin has lead me. I should send this via email . . .

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