I need a New TO-DO LIST program

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After 7+ months using SWIFT .. I have decided that this software has basically made my life miserable, by not being user friendly enough to suit my needs and use it efficiently!

Basically .. I need a TO-DO List with the following characteristics:

* Lite version – in resident memory, I don’t want comprehensive software installation
* Ability to have unlimited To-Do entries
* Ability to create a reasonably amount of different categories
* Ability to prioritize, and order To-Do List in both the order of that received and by due dates
* Ability to archive history after competion of a task
* Ability to print out a list, or the entire contents
* Ability to backup the list

Is that too much to ask? I used to have ToDo95 Software until it crashed and I sought out Swift .. That used to be about 70% of what I was looking for, with only a few annoying limitations.



Kian Ann says:

heh, I just use Ms Excel to list my things to do, and then transfer them on paper daily (those I need to do for the day) 🙂

Happy holidays!

Kian Ann – Actually, that’s not such a bad idea .. I’m always in my Excel v7.0 all day .. it’s easy to sort .. doesn’t take up extra memory .. can be formatted to print nice .. Hmmm! That’s one program I know I can get it to work the way I want it too! (plus, I do daily backups of all my excel spreadsheets)

Good suggestion! // & Happy Holidays to you too

Lawrence Fox says:

Time & Chaos from Chaos Software. Unlimited ToDo, subcategories within the ToDo lists, Contacts, Calendaring (and email if you want it).

I’ve used it for several years and I love it. Terrific stuff if you spend most of your day in one office at the computer, but it’s also nifty if you’re oot and aboot at client sites with a laptop.

Thanks Lawrence for suggestion .. I never tried that one, so I downloaded and installed the evaluation copy .. Thanks for tip!

Rick Cockrum says:


To start a new database in Amibook, click File:Open. Click the browse button to pick a directory for the database and type in a file name. Close that dialog, then enter a password if you want the database encrypted. Then click the okay button.

Thanks for that Rick .. and for others reading this – click on Rick’s Name and check out Amibook ….. I’m testing it right now.

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