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Since about mid-September 2006 .. I’ve been slowly trying to figure out ways to reduce the amount of SPAM messages in my Eudora InBox. Back then, I was averaging about 400-500 emails per day in total, and by late November it was closer to 650-750 count .. EVERY DAY.

But, it’s all part of being online I figure .. and it doesn’t really bother me … much! You see, I have spam filters in my Eudora Lite software (SPAMNIX) .. my ISP also has some spam and anti-virus software installed .. and with my hundreds of FILTERS in my email program that I created myself .. I rarely see most of the junk anyway! And, if some spam emails come into my InBox .. I’ll just right click and label it JUNK and my Eudora pretty much takes care of it.

However, there are a few days every week that emails have grown to almost 800-900 emails day. These are from the days Monday and Tuesday. Since I do a lot of surfing .. I mean the “enjoyment type of surfing” .. where you don’t really care and just follow the links .. I often start commenting on blogs and subscribing to their comments. Then, when people come back to work Monday morning, there is a slew of activity and, more emails in my inbox. Also .. if I participate in Liz’s Open Mic Tuesdays, you can add a couple hundred more emails.

So – I like to check on a Friday, to see how many emails I am getting and use this day as my guage. I didn’t actually take a screen view, but the Friday before Xmas (December 22, 2006) I wrote down that I received 514 emails.

Yesterday, Friday January 19, 2007 (4 weeks later) .. I only received 364 emails


I should mention that I have not done ANYTHING to make a difference or attempt to reduce my emails since December .. maybe it’s the after-christmas SPAM-SLOWDOWN season .. who knows! But, I will take another look again maybe, every 4 weeks to see how this works out in 2007 and make some sort of graph or chart.

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garfackle says:

Spam has slowed a bit, but it is on the upswing.

I use Thunderbird (mozilla.com). It learns what spam is using baysian logic. It takes a couple of months for it to learn, then all of the sudden it just drops like crazy. I now have days without spam at all!

When you get a spam message, click Junk button. It then statistically assigns spam a score. It applies this score to other email to determine what spam is.

That sounds very similar to my Spamnix plugin for Eudora. It also has a Junk folder and assigns a rating. If it doesn’t think it’s spam, you can right click and tell it is spam for next time. Most of my spam results between 53% and 97% gets caught no problem .. and if the spamnix still doesn’t get it, my filters already redirect it to the trash. I still get spam and lots of emails, but usually only about 20-30 really have to be HART-handled 🙂

I will check Thunderbird .. thanks for tip. Right now there has been a conflict with Zone Alarm and CPU usage and Eudora. I’m using the 7.0.279 beta version and it’s not covered under my Sympatico “free user” agreement. I’ll either just buy it or, get another email client.. Haven’t decided yet.. got 30 more days.

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