I Bought A New Stapler

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GOODBYE Stanley Bostitch B-8 Half Strip Stapler!


HELLO Paper Pro One Finger 15 Sheet Power Stapler!



This nonelectric desktop stapler delivers 25 lb of power — enough to drive a staple through 15 sheets of paper — with just the press of a finger. Inside every PaperPro stapler is an exclusive staple-driving mechanism that converts 6.2 lb of finger pressure into 25 lb of staple-driving power! It’s compact, so it’s easy to store. It also stands either horizontally or vertically for added flexibility. Uses standard 1/4″ staples and contains a convenient “staple remaining” window, so you know when it’s time for an easy, drop-in loading refill.

SOURCE: Office Depot

I will tell you that I have been using that Bostitch stapler for about 25 years. Why? Because of the staple remover of course! It just makes sense – you slide it under the staple and it gets out every time!

Well .. The only problem with this stapler is that it’s not a 1-piece stapler and I keep breaking the freaking black knobs that holds the three pieces together. I tried using sticky shipping tape (and that works by the way) to keep it together – but, it kept sticking to some important documents. So .. I threw it out and went to Office Depot.

I selected the Paper Pro because I saw it in action at a client’s place, with the stand-up-on-its-edge version. You hardly place any pressure on the top and SNAP! it’s stapled. I thought this far out-weighed my loss of a staple remover, so I bought a few of the other ones .. the magnetic spoon one and that claw one.

So – now I use this for my MOSTLY everything (2-15 pages) .. but I still use my Swingline for the 3-60 pages stuff. Here’s my Stapler Arsenal! You know what? I remember why I was using the stapler remover most often before .. because it wasn’t always a clean staple! So far, this PaperPro stapler is clean and always tidy – so there’s been no need to remove ANY staples – yet!



LB says:

OMG! HART! You! I tracked ya down, at long last! OMG! OMG! Hahahahahaha!

OMG! Albie! Long Time No See! I think 10 years, 2 months to be exact 😀

I hope you are well and doing great!

hart (at) 1800HART (dot) com

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