I am without MSN Messenger Now ..

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Every morning for the past week or so I’ve been getting popup messages with my MSN Messenger .. that basically was saying ….

Upgrade To The New MSN Live Messenger And Even Get Offline Messages Too!

So – Friday I upgrade.

It looked cool. There are some new features. But you know what? Every 2 hours, in the middle of something – either one of two things would happen to me:

* My VMU/VPU Vector graphics would fail or whatever that message was – I am not sure, because pictures all of a sudden became black boxes ..
* My mouse would freeze, all the programs would freeze and nothing would happen

It was quite annoying, and to fix both of the above problems .. I had to reboot.

I got fed up with it and ended up uninstalling Live Messenger .. just before I upgraded the PetLvr blog to the latest wordpress 2.1 version last night .. because I didn’t want any problems.

Now? No Freezes. No Black Blotches. Everything is working back like it did on Thursday.

The only thing is … it didn’t restore my MSN Messenger .. and I haven’t done that yet.

So .. for those of you who have me on MSN Messenger .. please use Google Talk instead. My email is … 1800hart (at) gmail (dot) com …

I’d send all my contacts a message but – I don’t have MSN Messenger anymore!



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